Lawsuit claims youngster had to urinate in cup on bus

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Parents of 10-year-old suing over allegations she had to pee in cup on school bus. Photo via sxc photo.

A Wilmington, Ill. couple is suing their 10-year-old daughter’s school district for refusing to pull over and allow her to use a bathroom during a January 2012 field trip.

Todd and Lisa Holmes, the alleged victim’s parents, filed the suit on Tuesday citing emotional distress over their daughter’s resignation to use a cup to urinate in because school chaperons refused to force the bus driver to pull over.

The family’s attorney, Telly Nakos, claims teachers held up coats while the girl urinated in to a cup while the bus was moving.

The bus driver reportedly contacted their home office to ask permission to pull over after the girl told the driver and teachers repeatedly that she needed to use a bathroom, but dispatch denied the bus driver’s request.


The lawsuit is asking for $150,000 in damages caused by emotional duress.

Nakes told CBS Chicago, “Obviously the parents are very distraught and upset that this happened.”

“They entrust the parents and the teachers and the chaperons on the field trip to provide a safe environment for the children and what occurred was just outrageous.”

The bus did pull over to allow the girl to dispose of the cup however. The lawsuit contends that both boys and girls witnessed the girl having to urinate in a cup, even though she was covered, adding to her humiliation.

The Wilmington School Board has not yet commented on lawsuit.


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