Facebook rolls out big Timeline changes

Facebook changes Timeline, starts rolling out new design.

Some Facebook users in New Zealand and parts of Europe have a warning for their Facebook friends across the pond —  this week Facebook rolled out another major design change to user’s walls.

Facebook users may be pleasantly surprised with the changes however, with those currently using the latest redesign reporting some added flexibility and ridding of the two column updates.

Some of the biggest changes and highlights include:

  • The two column layout will be gone. Posts will now appear in one single, wide column.
  • The right hand column, containing a box of your friends, likes, maps and other collections will be drag-gable, so you can move them around.
  • Taking a page from the Twitter handbook, “subscribers” of your feed (not to be confused with “friends”) will now be called “followers”.
  • Personal, identifying information you choose to make public will now appear as a white overlay (similar to Twitter) on top of your cover photo.
  • The boxes to the right of your photo which include photos, friends, likes etc., will be listed in a new tab format.

Typical of Facebook changes in the past, the company did not announce the change prior to rolling it out. The changes have not yet affected fan pages or business pages, however, those changes may come after the consumer pages are updated. Facebook isn’t saying when universal roll-out dates will be completed.


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