'Moms Gone Wild': Tori Spelling's inebriated 'debauchery'

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Tori Spelling blogs about ‘moms gone wild’. Photo via Facebook.

Tori Spelling took to her blog “ediTORIal” on Thursday to reveal her drunken antics at a friends wedding last weekend.

Spelling, 39, explained on her blog that she and husband Dean McDermott, 46, decided to take her friend’s wedding as an opportunity to take a romantic, adults-only weekend getaway. Tori didn’t expect, however, that the day would end so colorfully, with Tori kissing a fellow mom, upchucking all over the place and dancing Gagham style.

Tori wrote about her behavior after downing two, three or seven glasses of red wine:

“Not gonna lie, the rest of the night is a blur. Key points I remember… Bustling Jess’s dress so she could dance gangnam style on the dance floor with me, gossiping in a corner with a bunch of gals using phrases like “cray cray” and “shut the hell up!”, smashing a floral arrangement in the middle of the dance floor just for the hell of it, lip locking with a fellow mom who never gets out and screaming, “Look! It’s mom on mom action”, and finally, leaving the wedding hanging on to Jess’s mom while sobbing that I love her daughter sooooooooo much.


“And, if that wasn’t bad enough, it wasn’t quite over. I puked. Not like politely kneeling and vomiting at the commode after feeling a tad queasy. I mean gut wrenching chunks everywhere. Poor Dean. He didn’t get his romantic night, but damn I had fun!”

Tori paid the price, with a killer hangover and red wine stained hair, but wrote that while she missed her kids, she had no regrets:

“The next morning I felt absolutely horrible, and combing dried red wine colored puke from my hair in the shower was a low point. But, sitting in that shower I had a realization. Well two realizations. One, I would never drink that much again. And, two, that I was proud of myself for letting go and allowing myself one night of debauchery.”

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