Toddler's urination outside home caused mom to get $2,500 ticket

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Ashley Warden, 21, and son Dillon. Ashley received $2500 fine after her son urinating on her family’s driveway. Photo via Facebook.

The mother of a 3-year-old boy was issued an exorbitant ticket from a police officer after the officer claims he witnessed her toddler son urinating in the family’s front yard.

Ashley Warden, 21, was confused when Officer Ken Qualls approached her and her mother last Sunday, outside their Piedmont, Oklahoma home. Officer Qualls asked the women for their photo ID and and when the women asked what for, Officer Qualls said, “Public urination.”

Apparently Ashley’s toddler son had spontaneously pulled his pants down while outside in the family’s driveway, located on a 2 1/2 acre private estate. Officer Qualls claims he witnessed the tot urinating because he was monitoring the area in response to several unrelated phone calls about public nuisance. Officer Qualls said the family’s home is connected to a public road and therefore fair game for observation.

Officer Qualls then proceeded to write Ashley a $2,500 ticket.


Public outrage from the incident sparked an investigation into the officer’s potential abuse of power leading to an apology from the Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein. Ashley and her mother said that Chief Oblein stopped by thier home to personally reach out to the family, apologize and let them know that the charges were dropped.

Source: Yahoo News

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