8-year-old undergoes emergency surgery to free tongue stuck in bottle

September 18th, 2012 by | Permalink

8-year-old Jayla had to undergo an hour of surgery to remove her tongue from metal water bottle. Screen shot via Fox 5 News.

An 8-year-old Georgia girl is recovering after she underwent surgery to free her tongue from a water bottle on September 13.

The traumatized girl, Jayla, was drinking water from a metal bottle at a cheerleading practice when her tongue became lodged inside the opening. After efforts from coaches, paramedics and emergency teams failed to free her tongue, Jayla was taken to a nearby Children’s hospital. Doctors decided to take her to surgery after the girl’s tongue became dangerously swollen from 8 hours of being stuck in the water bottle.

The inability to free her tongue was not from lack of trying however. According to My Fox Atlanta, doctors tried putting holes in the bottle, cutting the bottom of the bottle off and rubbing lubricants on the girls tongue but her tongue had gotten so swollen that the seal around it had become too tight to take it off without putting the girl under and sawing it off. Doctors say that the girl started gagging and the bottle had enveloped her tongue to the point it was nearly at her wisdom teeth.  At this point, emergency crews became concerned about her breathing.

The surgery, which took about an hour, was successful and Jayla was able to go home on antibiotics and mouth spray. Jaylas’ mother, Shantay Small, said the doctors told her that Jayla may need speech therapy if the swelling caused permanent nerve damage.

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