Baby died as passenger on father's motorcycle

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Horrific scene from motorcycle accident that left toddler dead. Screen shot via ABC News.

A father in Taylorsville, Utah, whose baby died after he lost control of his motorcycle, may face charges after his baby was thrown from his motorcycle while riding as a passenger. The baby’s father, Shannon Moore, 48,  apparently straddled his baby son, Richard, on the seat between himself and the gas tank. The baby was reportedly sitting upright, but witnesses say the father was driving too fast and lost control and crashed.

The baby was reportedly thrown from the motorcycle when it crashed near the apartment complex where they live, on Sunday afternoon at 2:40 pm.

Betty Reiz, a resident who witnessed the accident told ABC News that the baby tried standing up after the accident but collapsed and died.

Police say the baby was pronounced dead at the scene while the father was taken to a nearby hospital in fair condition where he was treated and later released. Possible charges could include reckless endangerment or even felony manslaughter although technically Moore didn’t break any laws as Utah does not have any restrictions for who can ride on a motorcycle as a passenger. People who know Moore say that he was a doting father who was only trying to bond with his son.


Unified Police Detective Levi Hughes calls the incident totally unnecessary and preventable. Hughes said, “Even though laws don’t regulate the age of the passenger of a motorcycle, common sense has to dictate that kind of decision.”

Witnesses also told police that this wasn’t the first time Moore had ridden his motorcycle with the baby. While the parking lot speed limit is posted at 10 mph, the police report states that 30 feet skid marks were found at the scene of the accident.

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