Obama writes presidential pardon for 5th grader

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President pens pardon for Minnesota boy. Screen capture via KARE TV.

Tyler Sullivan of Rochester, Minnesota has a better excuse for skipping school than most–and he has proof to back it up.

The 11-year-old missed school to attend President Obama’s speech at Honeywell in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Tyler’s father, Ryan Sullivan, introduced the President before he made his speech.

Ryan is a Navy veteran who began working for Honeywell in February. Honeywell is a partner with the administration’s Join Forces initiative that helps military service members and their families acquire the opportunities they need. The Post Bulletin in Minnesota reports that Honeywell has hired 900 veterans since 2011. President Obama was speaking at Honeywell to address the issue of veteran unemployment.

Excited to see his father introduce the President, Tyler was able to sit in the front row. After the address, Tyler was able to meet the President. He told KARE TV in Minneapolis, “I had a chance to shake his hand. The President said, ‘you must be missing school.'”


After, President Obama grabbed a pen and paper and penned an official absence note for Tyler.

Tyler’s ‘Presidential Pardon’ for missing school read, “Mr. Ackerman, Please excuse Tyler. He was with me. Barack Obama.”

Tyler is very excited to bring his note to school. However, he will not be allowing his teacher to keep the note!


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  • savagenation

    D&C campaign photo op. With Obummer’s performance on Jobs, or lack thereof, and Job Exporting, Tax-Dodging G.E.’s CEO Immelt as “Jobs Czar” the father will probably be unemployed in a year, after the administration gives tens of millions to Honeywell to send the jobs to China, like they did for General Electric.

  • How is this kid supposed to excel in Math and Science when he wastes his time worshiping Obama instead of being at school?

    • Harry, you are a moron! 

    • Auris Kveraga

      It is so hilarious how ridiculous you guys sound. A child has a chance to meet the most powerful man in the world and miss a day of school, who would turn that down? His father is introducing the president yet you somehow find a way to blame the President for the child missing school? Neither one is at fault…as Jeffery Greenlee said “Harry, you are a moron!”

  • Excellent story. The just downright humanity that Obama exudes is the main reason I will be voting for him.

  • I skipped school once to go see Bill Clinton give a speech.  Secret Service wouldn’t let me through.  Snarky “no school today?” comments from handlers.  I told them I was homeschooled and no one knew what that meant then.  My, how things have changed . . .