14-year-old girl accused of stabbing 4-year-old cousin to death

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A 14-year-old girl has been accused of stabbing her 4-year-old cousin, Leon Thomas III, to death. Photo via screen capture Fox 59 News

A 14-year-old Indianapolis girl is facing a preliminary charge of murder after allegedly stabbing her four-year-old cousin to death at their grandparents’ apartment at around 11:00pm on Saturday.

The boy, Leon Thomas III, was sleeping when his cousin stabbed him 16 times before fleeing the home.  The grandparents were also asleep, but Leon’s 11-year-old sister was a witness and told her grandmother that lived in the home, Angelia Shanks, what occurred.

“And this child was walking around with a knife saying what she was going to do,” Jackie Johnson, the boy’s other grandmother, told Fox 59 News. “Thank God that my granddaughter got a chance to say she had to use the restroom to get away because she was going to kill her, too.  She told us that she told her that she’s going to kill him and she was scared.”

“There was no fight. That’s the understanding. He was asleep. He got harmed asleep. He wasn’t awoke. He was asleep. So what could he have done to her to kill him and he’s asleep?” Johnson asked in an interview with Fox 59 News. “No.”


Neighbors of Shanks told Fox 59 News that they didn’t hear any screaming during the stabbing or coming from the apartment afterwards when the boy was discovered or when the 14-year-old fled.

According to a report by Fox 59 News, the 14-year-old girl was found walking about a mile away from the home with blood on her hand and clothes.  According to a witness the girl had a vacant look in her eyes.

“Nobody in this world, if you haven’t dealt with it, you don’t know. You will never know. It’s like somebody took something from me which I know I will never get back,” Johnson told Fox 59 News.

The 14-year-old girl is facing a preliminary charge of murder and may be tried as an adult.


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  • Roxzanne

    Leon Thomas I miss you so much , I know you are in a better place now… Auntie will always love you… I know you had a special place on this evil world. .. LOVE YOU