Octomom: Nadya Suleman may soon be homeless, son calls her 'crazy'

Suleman takes to video blog to defend her parenting abilities

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Suleman takes to video blog to defend her parenting abilities

Octomom Nadya Suleman and son during video blog defending her parenting abilities. Screen grab via Nadya Suleman Facebook page.

Nadya Suleman has had share her share of bad press and bad luck this month.

First, she admits to the world that she had to resort to welfare and food stamps to keep her 14 children fed. Next, her hairstylist turns her into authorities for claims of severe child neglect and now, Suleman’s house appears to be going up for auction today, after it was foreclosed upon last year. If the house is sold at auction, Suleman and her children, including the 3-year-old octuplets, could be forced out onto the streets if someone doesn’t take the large family in. And all of this happened over the course of one month.

Suleman’s hairstylist reported to the police last week  that her children were made to defecate in Suleman’s backyard because there were no working toilets in the home. Now Suleman speaks out about he incident on Octomom TV, an online video blog, and said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that the reports were false. Suleman said, “We were literally down in the dumps. We had one toilet that wasn’t working for one day. We called a plumber and had it fixed. Please don’t believe everything you read and see out there. The news is not always right.”

During the video blog, one of her children ran on to the video home set up and said, “She’s crazy.” Suleman nervously agreed but said there was a difference between ‘crazy’ and ‘mentally ill’.


Earlier the video was presented with an embed code on Octomom’s Facebook fan page but has since appeared to have been taken down.


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  • kate_77

    Ah, don’t worry,  Suleman knows the system. This is after all, the THIRD home she has been foreclosed on in 5 years. 

    Todays auction is a formality. It allows  IndyMac to repossess the property. Next they will have to evict her which will take a minimum of 90 days. She will be there through the summer, rent free, and will probably be offered a generous cash for keys deal to leave without damaging the place further.

    BTW,  she is not the mortgage holder.  A sucker named Amir Haddadin agreed to carry the mortgage in HIS name because she had no credit. His credit is screwed while she  squats rent free for 13 months and is paid to move. 

  • Kode Indah

    Crazy bitch