Jessica Simpson weds, continuing to surprise everyone

As the star preps for motherhood, she goes all out, from signing a 3-million-dollar weight-loss contract to spending millions of dollars on the nursery.

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As the star preps for motherhood, she goes all out, from signing a 3-million-dollar weight-loss contract to spending millions of dollars on the nursery.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson pose for photos for Elle Magazine. Photo from

We’ve all seen Jessica Simpson becoming more pregnant. And more pregnant. And then even more pregnant. As the celebrity’s belly has grown, so has speculation about her weight gain, along with judgment about the fact that she still wears six-inch platform heels, talks openly about her sex life with fiancé Eric Johnson and is now spending millions, yes millions, on her baby’s nursery. Jessica Simpson has never been shy about sharing her life, and she’s certainly not being shy about sharing her pregnancy, and all that goes along with it.

The latest report is from In Touch magazine’s April 16 issue, which is reporting that Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, privately wed at their home last month. According to the magazine, Johnson was uncomfortable bringing a child into the world without the two of them being married, and as the pregnancy progressed, Jessica decided to allow the marriage as long as they could still have the larger ceremony they’d originally planned.

The magazine reports that the couple invited a small group of family and friends over for dinner, and afterward, Jessica went and changed into a white dress. She and Eric then wed in front of the small group. Her father led the ceremony. The couple can now feel comfortable welcoming their child into the world, say insiders.

Little Maxwell Johnson – the name was revealed in the March 26 issue of In Touch magazine – will be known as Maxi, and Maxi will not only have married parents but will also have only the best of everything in this world. In its April 9 issue, In Touch revealed some of the luxury items Jess is spending her hard-earned cash on, including one giant purchase that even outdoes Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Eric and his bride-to-be are renting out an entire wing of the hospital where she plans to give birth – no word on which hospital that will be. Just like the hip-hop couple before them, they will have private security. While the birthing suite will cost half a million dollars, the heftiest bill will be that private security, which comes in at $1,318,500. An additional bill Jess has racked up is from the Beverly Hills Hotel. She’s checked into the famous hotel simply so she can order room service whenever she likes. In Touch reported her bill to be $100,000. The nursery won’t be stocked cheaply, either. One of the cribs Jessica bought for her baby girl cost $14,500. Her total bill for preparation and birth for baby Maxi, said the mag, should come in at around $2 million!


Jessica Simpson discusses her pregnancy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Photo from NBC.

In the past week, the talk has been not of Jessica’s large spending habits, though, but of her large weight gain. In Touch reported she she’s going to be induced April 20, three weeks earlier than her due date, and other magazines are reporting it’s because of the amount of weight she’s gained. June 3, Joy Behar commented on The View that Jessica had put on too many pounds and had gotten chunky.

“Remember the the time that Jessica Simpson was criticized because she didn’t know the difference between chicken and tuna? That kind of thing is more fun to criticize than the fact that the girl is fat,” Behar said. “Most women who are pregnant are not supposed to gain more than 25 pounds. She looks like she gained a lot more than that.”

Others, however, came to Jess’s defense. Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin co-hosted The Today Show last week and came to Simpson’s defense, saying she didn’t think it was anyone’s business how much weight you gained when you were pregnant.

“I would have wanted to punch [her critics] in the neck,”  Palin said the same day Behar made her comments. “It’s none of anybody else’s business how much weight I would gain. This isn’t even an issue,” she added, “Hollywood . . is full of itty-bitty people, people [who are] unrealistically tiny.”

Jess herself has taken the talk in stride. She says she takes pride in her body now more than she ever has because she feels so connected to it now that she’s sharing it with her daughter, and, no matter what happens to her body as a result of the pregnancy, she still can’t wait to have more kids. The star is the newest celebrity to sign on as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, just last week inking a $3 million deal with them, planning to shed the pregnancy weight using their plan after Maxi’s arrival at the end of the month. She’s also mentioned that her exercise routine might include going back to the trainer who got her into shape to fit into those Daisy Dukes

Jessica Simpson trained with Pasternak before her role as Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard and is now thinking of hiring him to help lose the baby weight. Photo from

she slipped into for The Dukes of Hazzard film in 2005, Harley Pasternak. Many celebrities credit his 5 Factor program, which consists of working out five days a week and eating five small meals a day, for keeping them in shape.

But getting back in shape and worrying about what anyone else thinks seem to be the last things on Jessica’s mind.

“I can’t wait to have more kids,” OK magazine says she’s confided. “I love being pregnant. I have such an incredible connection with myself and with my body that I’ve never had before.”


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  • Who cares how much she gains as long as her and baby and healthy!