Parents beware: The 'Choking Game'

1 in 7 college co-eds has tried this dangerous game

Also known as Space Monkey, the Fainting Game, and Pass Out, the Choking Game is the latest and greatest fad to hit teenage parties and college dorm rooms. The goal of this dangerous game, according to a TIME report, is to create a few moments of euphoria. How is this feeling of elation accomplished? As the name suggests, students participating in the Choking Game use various methods to cut off their own air supply or that of others. The manual methods include using the hands, tying a string around the neck, and using a plastic bag over the head.


The Crime Victims’ Institute released the results of a study into the game. 837 students at a Texas university were surveyed. Of those asked, 16 percent admitted to playing the game, and three quarters of that 16 percent had played multiple times. Males were more likely to have played than females, and most had participated as early as 14 years of age. Subjects interviewed played first within a group, and those that had were introduced to it by a friend.

An excerpt from the study states, “This ‘game,’ as it is often called, does not require obtaining any drugs or alcohol, is free, and can go undetected by many parents, teachers, physicians, and other authority figures. Most importantly, many of those who engage in this activity, do not understand that the practice can be just as deadly as the illegal substances youth have been warned against.”


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