'Rape tag' raises eyebrows, sparks rumors at Minnesota school

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Washington Elementary principal Bill Sprung. Photo: Fox 9

Officials at a Minnesota school are on alert after discovering 5th grade students have added a twist to a classic recess game.

A parent at Washington Elementary in New Ulm, Minnesota, contact school principal Bill Sprung to let him know that students had invented a new game called “rape tag.” According to a letter Sprung sent home to parents, he described the game “as similar to freeze tag except that a person had to be humped to be unfrozen.”

Sprung told MSNBC that he was prompted to contact parents to “quell rumors and speculation” that had sprung up on Facebook. According to MyFoxTwinCities.com, Sprung said that “parents started publishing lists of kids who might have been playing,” and that details about what had happened were being embellished.

In the letter, Sprung said that students participating in rape tag were primarily from two different classrooms, and the teachers of those classes along with recess supervisors are on the lookout for further incidents of the game, which have not happened after students were addressed about the behavior.


“I think in terms of extinguishing the game, the school and the staff did an excellent job,” Sprung said.

Not every parent agreed, however. Sprung reportedly claimed that at least 15 parents had contacted him, mainly upset because they had to talk about the “sensitive topic” of rape with their kids.

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