Morgan Freeman will not marry step-granddaughter

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Morgan Freeman and E'dena Miles. Photo courtesy: Google Images

According to recent stories in the tabloids, Morgan Freeman, 74, has dumped his 29-year-old step-granddaughter, E’dena Hines.

The National Enquirer in 2009 claimed that the couple would get married as soon as Freeman’s divorce from his second wife Myrna came through.

The Shawshank Redemption actor has allegedly been having a more than decade long sexual relationship with E’dena. The affair is supposed to have started when E’dena was seventeen. The National Enquirer stated that Freeman’s ex-wife – when learning about the secret romps –  had threatened to sue E’dina as “correspondent, as an adulterer, in my marriage.”

E’dena and Morgan have no biological connection — she is the granddaughter of Morgans first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw — but Morgan and Myrna were instrumental in raising E’dena since she was a young child.


Now Freeman has reportedly ended his relationship with Hines, and is rumored to be dating an even younger woman, a Filipino accountant named Ellie.

A source told Hollywood Gossip Freeman and the woman were displaying some PDA at a New Year’s Eve party.

“They kept kissing,” the source said. “They’re definitely an item.”

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  • I think if Morgan would cut that bush off his head and off his face that he may look a few years younger instead of looking like her grandfather.  With luv.

    • the trouble is, he is her grand-father.

  • umm, I guess he has a lot of bedtime stories to read to her. “Green Eggs and Ham”.  How in the f do you grow attached to a girl you raised from 7 years old?

  • Lovely..maybe they can share a brownstone with Woody Allen and his daughter/wife, or whomever he’s attached himself to now.

  • ddakgram

    Wonder why he’s waited two years to marry her?  His divorce was final in 2010!  Makes you wonder if  “The National Enquirer” know what they’re talking about!! hahahahahaha   “The National Enquirer”…your source for the truth!!  hahahahahaha


  • Adam Rochelle

    I hope hit beats that raw. Perks of being a multi-millionaire superstar. Hit it good Morgan!

  • sum1toldme

    And people still think MJ is wierd?? Hmm, tabloids destroyed so many people because of malicious and false stories. 

  • Good for him!! He’s entitled to marry who he wants and it sounds legal to me. Who care if a bunch of old bitter women are mad because he found love in a younger women. I’m sure these bitter women wouldn’t mind if it was an old Desperate Housewife that hooked up with a younger man.. Get a life cougars..there’s a new panther in town!

  • morgan freeman is 74, maybe you should change the ages of people when you copy and paste 2 year old stories from as your own.

  • haha delete my comment but your mistake is still clearly evident to anyone with a brain

    •  Perc, your comment was not deleted. Thank  you for bringing the story to our attention, we have updated the content and contacted the author.

  • Pamela Mosher

    Is her name E’dena Miles or E’dena Hines?

    Your story might be more reputable if the text matched the photo. Seriously!

  • Go Morgan, GO! It’s something to look forward to. He’s an inspiration!