GOP field may narrow, but real choice shrinks to NONE

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Former AK Gov. Palin, shown here at rally for SC Gov. Nikki Haley, gives soft endorsement of Gingrich. (file photo / copyright Charles B Reynolds)

Hunstman out. Bachmann out. Ron Paul won’t admit that he is also out. Maybe because he hears South Carolina calling. Rick Santorum just keeps bobbling around and getting odd support here and there (like Iowa’s Secretary of State, Matt Shultz, conservative activist Richard Viguerie, and evangelicals). Just enough to make him stick around a little longer. And now Rick Perry is slated to drop out and endorse Newt.

Slowly the GOP field is winnowing itself down to the core candidates. Romney and Gingrich both see themselves as the next GOP candidate for President in the general elections come November. (Paul may not be out, but only because he is stubborn.) Which is why both Romney and Gingrich are pulling out all the stops. Videos, stump speeches, radio interviews.

We all know the Democrat nominee will be the sitting President. Despite the calls form various groups for Hillary, or anyone else, to run. In New Hampshire, despite being the sitting President and having only the odd rival (Vermin Supreme and Craig “Tax Freeze” Freis, among others), along with the usual write-in ballots, Obama only took a little over 82% of the Democrat only Primary votes. (Obama = 48,970 votes, Rivals = 4,806 votes, write-ins = 5908.) One has to wonder how many votes a Hillary Clinton would have garnered.

Amidst calls from a growing number of Party members to go with a candidate who is unacceptable to them, the idea of having to accept a re-election of President Obama, is causing more and more GOP voters to swing in the direction of Mitt Romney. In recent polls, the former MA governor is finding more and more people leaning his way.


No matter how many debates the candidates ‘perform’ in, the voters are stuck with the inevitable question – who can defeat President Obama?

And the answers are not coming any time soon. With the evangelical endorsements influencing the church goers of the Southland toward Santorum, Northern states’ choice of the lesser evil of Romney, the fiery speech of Perry, Ron Paul’s odd relationship with tea party loyalists and the national popularity of Gingrich is muddying the waters determining who the GOP candidate will be.

The Primary schedule holds little clues as to when a true front runner will be determined. Even the fabled Super Tuesday of March 6th will not reveal it. (Ten states are slated to hold their caucuses or primaries that day – Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.) Other big states that may hold clues are later. Pennsylvania and New York (April 24th), Texas (April 3rd), and California (June 5th) carry the largest block of delegates. Utah will hold the final Primary on June 26th. The ‘winner’ may not be decided upon until then. Or it may even be some odd political catastrophe will rear its unintended head at the National Convention in Tampa, FL on August 27th. (Just a mere 220 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes and 20 seconds – as of my visit to their website during the writing of this piece.)

With all the candidates, including the President, focusing their energies on the election, it is a difficult time for voters to know just who the best candidate is to vote for come this November. Only the loyalist who listen to and believe all the spin are certain. Everyone else is having a hard time. Many are just ignoring the Primary season and dealing with the everyday troubles of real life.

Voters who continually hear about lobbyists, big-time donors and loaded campaign war chests,” writes freelance journalist Laura Scott (1961 – 2011). “Feel less and less of a connection to candidates.”

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  • Both Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns are funded by huge banks and corporate interests. Look at Ron Paul’s support and where he’s getting his money from — people like us and most of the military!

    Ron Paul is incorruptible, and if you really want a change in direction of the country, RP is your man, and he’s got my vote!

  • buck kennedy





  • Nicolas

    It would be giving too much credit to describe this as an “unsophisticated” view of the race. “Idiotic” is closer to the mark.

  • Freedom Now

    Where do you get off saying Ron Paul is out? Mitt has won 1 Primary, Santorum has won 1 caucus with no binding delegates. Ron Paul has been in top tier in both events. Gingrinch has won ZERO and never made it into top tier. Ron Paul 2012

  • Mike L

    LOL!! Ron Paul is not out, he finished in the top 3 in Iowa and NH, has the money to go on. Pundits admit he will pick up the 2nd most amount of candidates. The true people who are out are the ones who didn’t make it on the VA and Ohio ballots. Sorry Newt you are out!! Dude couldn’t even get on the ballot in his home state.

    Ron Paul is the only not Mitt candidate left!! RP 2012!!

  • Chris

    Hah, I love this. Ron paul, has done better and has more delegates than Gingrich. He has no reason to drop out… Plus, this whole new Gingrich ex-wife scandal might hurt him in the eyes of his precious faux-conservative core.

    There have been multiple polls showing that only Paul and Romney poll high enough in a general election to beat Obama. This article is a regurgitated blob from the dinosaur anti-Paul media. Ron is not running because he has this massive desire to be president, in fact, he was more or less begged to run by his constituents.

    You should make sure you’re on the right side of the revolution when it comes Mr. Reynolds – news is one thing, slander is another.

  • Jimmy James

    Ron Paul, at this point in history, is actually in FIRST place in the delegate battle. We got our supporters to volunteer to be delegates in Iowa after the caucus, and the other campaigns forgot to do this…so we essentially picked up almost all of the Iowa delegates, and only 2 less delegates than Romney in New Hampshire. So drop out is not even in our minds 😉

  • dknc

    Yet another example of a “writer” trying to force a narrative onto the facts. Ron Paul is very much alive and doing well with conservatives, evangelicals and libertarians. In one on one match-ups against Obama, he has consistently done as well as Romney and much better than any other candidate.

    The GOP can’t win without independents and Ron Paul is the only candidate that will win the independents against Obama. The GOP will lose without Ron Paul even if his supporters would back Romney or Gingrich.

    Don’t like Paul’s foreign policy? Jim DeMint said this week on Judge Napolitano’s show that if we don’t control spending “we will have a much smaller military than Ron Paul wants.” The Pentagon has said the greatest threat to our security is the deficit. And who is the deficit owed to? Communist China.

    Paul’s biggest problem is with the GOP establishment which is doing everything it can to smear him and with the sheeple who get their news from Faux. His biggest challenge is to beat the GOP establishment that loves big government, but once he is one of only 2 or 3, his support will grow. His support has been growing steadily – the only candidate to not have large media bubbles that subsequently burst. As a former GOP presidential advisor remarked in US News & World report this week, Paul is a phenomenon in that his ceiling and floor are one and the same. That’s because when people understand the difference between defense and militarism and understand that the country will be bankrupt and defenseless if we don’t do something about the welfare AND warfare state. The race is a marathon that he will will with delegates.

  • Thank you all for your comments, as there is no learning without dialogue. I have never had problems with negative comments, so keep them coming (but, please, keep them civil).

    Nicolas, it would be helpful for other readers to know ‘why’ you feel the article is simplistic or idiotic. I did try to keep the article informative without overloading it with “too much” information (statistics, demographics, quotes, etc).

    All the Ron Paul supporters (and yes there are many), the reason for the comments (which I mistakenly did not explain as I have pointed these things out in many other writings but not here) about Ron Paul eventually being out is that in the grand scheme of Republican politics, Rep. Paul is considered a Libertarian in his politics. When the larger demographic states vote, it should become obvious that his support is not wide spread enough to defeat President Obama.

    If I am wrong on this, then I would certainly be the first to admit it. But I have been covering politics (especially from the GOP side) for quite a while now. And the demographics, past comments from the GOP membership about Rep. Paul and the Party power brokers seem to support my suppositions. Now it is possible that the wave of disillusionment sweeping the country could give the Representative a surge, but the historical view of such things among the American voters would offer little hope of that happening.

    Again, thank you all for being engaged.