New Zealand child beaten by tutor for improper pronunciation

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A New Zealand boy was assaulted by his tutor for mispronouncing a word. Photo via Gabriella Fabbri.

A New Zealand child was repeatedly beaten and abused by a man who was supposed to be tutoring him. His tutor allegedly used a slipper and drumstick to hit the child repeatedly. The tutor claimed he became frustrated with the child’s mispronunciation of a word. The man reportedly stopped beating the child for a short time while the child made a valiant effort to pronounce the word correctly, but in his inability pronounce it to the standards of the tutor, he kept hitting him with his hand on the back of the head.

The tutoring lesson ended with another child who were both crying and afraid. The child had sustained injuries significant enough to warrant medical care. He was taken to the hospital the next day after multiple areas of his body had swelled.

The tutor was sentenced yesterday to 6 months house arrest and required to take a domestic violence class.

Both the perpetrator and the victims have had their names withheld to protect the child’s privacy.

Source: Wanganui Chornicle

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