Facebook poll helps couple decide on baby name

Illinois couple ask Facebook friends to vote on their favorite baby name

Dave and Lindsey Meske ask Facebook friends to name their baby. Photo via Facebook.

A Crystal Lake, Illinois couple who are expecting, have taken to Facebook to help them decide on their baby’s name. Lindsey Meske is due in January 2012 and has been at odds with her husband Dave over what to name their baby once they found out they were having a girl. Each picked two of their favorite names only to be vetoed by the other. Dave likes the names ‘Emily’ and ‘Madelyn’ while Lindsey likes the names ‘McKenna’ and ‘Addilyne’. Unable to come to a compromise, the Midwest couple decided to post a poll on their Facebook page and go with the name that garnered the most votes.

The couple has received mixed reviews from outsiders wondering if Facebook is the most reliable source for naming your child and the consequences of a child feeling marginalized when they’re old enough to find out how they got their name. The Meskes told MSNBC they aren’t concerned, “It’s a story we can pass along once she’s older and we all get a kick out of it.”

Perusing Dave Meske’s Facebook page reveals his eagerness to embrace his 15 minutes of fame that has come out of the baby naming Facebook poll. Family members exclaim on Dave Meske’s Facebook wall, “You’re famous now cousin. Congrats!”

In the last 24 hours Dave has also posted his protest against the name which keeps moving in and out of first place in their baby naming poll, using a little humor to win over supporters, “A win for Mckenna means the terrorists have won! If you love America you will vote Madelyn or Emily! Let’s save the world one child’s name at a time.”

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