Celina Cass: Missing NH 5th grader's Facebook page may reveal clues

FBI joins search effort for missing 11 year old girl who vanished from her family's home

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FBI joins search effort for missing 11 year old girl who vanished from her family's home

Celina Cass, 5th grader at Stewartstown School in NH mysteriously vanished from her home early this week. Photo via Facebook.

Celina Cass, an 11 year old 5th grader at Stewartstown Community School, has vanished from her small-town New Hampshire home Monday night, July 25th, where she lives with her mother, step-father and sister. Now the FBI has reportedly joined the search effort and speculation as to a  possible abduction are mounting. While search teams continue to search the immediate area of deeply forested woods and waterways, the mystery of her disappearance has an aura that one community member called “creepy” according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

So far, little to no clues have surfaced as to her whereabouts. The only solid clue released to the public at this time is where she was last seen and by whom. Family members recall that she was on the computer, around 9 pm last Monday night and hasn’t been seen since. Family and friends say she was happy and wouldn’t have left home on her own. Her close friends describe her as a responsible student and friend.

Celina Cass’ Facebook page remains eerily live at the time of this news report, with her wall set for public viewing. A barrage of posts about her being in love could present further clues as the search for this young girl continues.

On July 20th, Celina posted:


“chillin talking to one of my friends listening to “getting hot in here” thinking if i wanna take a walk or not”

There is also a few comments from one Facebook friend who tells her several times that she’s “hot”. While not all that unusual for kids in the infancy of their flirting with the opposite sex, authorities are making their way down her “friend” list to find out if any Facebook friends have any further information about where Celina Cass might be.

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  • Brittany

    She went missing between 9 pm Monday July 25th and Tuesday Morning.

  • Joyce

    I got chills when I r ead one word…stepfather. Never a good sign when a stepfather is part of a missing child’s family and it sounds like an inside job.

  • sharon

    to joyce,I understand concerns over “stepfather” but dont jump to conclusions on a man u have never met,he loves the girls and is one of the good guys,soft spoen and will do anything to help them.

  • Karl H.

    Have a look at her stepfather’s Facebook page. His name is Wendell Noyes. He appears to be a degenerate scumbag, judging by his friend’s list full of hookers, pornstars, and ne’er-do-wells…..along with his postings on their various “walls” and the “groups” he’s a member or fan of on there. I feel like we have our answer here but just need to find the evidence to get there.

  • Susan

    Sharon Have you looked at her stepfather’s facebook? It is disturbing.

  • BDA

    My stepfather is the greatest man on earth. Gave me a away at my wedding and loves my children like he is their blood grandfather. My children know no different, as far as they are concerned he is the greatest popi alive. Watch what you say about stepfathers.. I would not be who i am today with out mine…

  • Susan

    BDA All due respect. We are not talking about your stepfather. We are talking about Celina’s stepfather’s facebook account. Sometimes people aren’t who they seem.

  • Susan

    Sharon, here is Celina’s stepfather’s facebook account. He is married? Hmmm.


  • Courtney

    The daily updates about “being in love” are automatically generated every day by an app she must have used on Facebook. A human is not posting those.

  • donny

    All I can say is as a mother of two I will pray for the family. I will pray that it is a happy ending. Even though I live in southern NH I will look for her face every where I go. If it was my child I would be going insane by now. It may well be the step father but the authorities are looking at that possibility you can be sure. It is our job as civilians and parents to just watch for her. Even the slightltest resemblence call the police. Who ever-if she was kidnapped may have chaged her appaerance. It is important to look at her teeth and her face. Her stepfather may be a back woods strange guy. I havent looked at his page, but that does not make him guilty yet. Let us all just look for her and pray that some where one of us sees her at a store or gas station or restaraunt….anywhere. I Pray for her mother and sister that they will have their little Celina home safe and unharmed soon.

  • Amy

    Seems his page is private now except for activities and interests which are concerning. But still, of course when I can pop on there is nothing I can see. Praying for Celina.

  • mel_lynnn77

    it is sad and scarey. i think the step-father had something to do with it. it is so sad to take away a child that is not yours.
    the little girl looked happy and loved life. maybe the creep father was pretending too be some one else making her *hot* on line and she is only in 5th grade. i hope the damn cops do somehting to the step father.put him through hell and torture him untile he talks. friends say she was on the computer that night. and she wasnt heard since. that is a little creepy and odd. if she was loving life and all she wouldnt run away.plus if she loved her sister and mom so much she wouldnt run away.just sad that the step-fathers actuley gets jealous when there is kids involved. so sad too take her life away. she was young and enjoyed life so much. the damn step father needs to be Hanged and his balls beating too death untile he dies.!!. he needs to suffer the way she did..

  • BELLA77

    i dont think (FACEBOOk is safe any ways) they need to f****** shut it down. No one well f****** care any ways. Kids cant go on there too have fun and chat with family.mYpace and facebook is just fucking GAY!. ***FACEBOOK***** couses problems any ways!. its dumb and retarded. No one is Safe on there NO ONE. its funny when facebook is made. it couses alot of fights with people and people go missing from it. it should be removed. that damn guy should of never been ritch over facebook.it couses too many fucking problems in the world today.it should be removed.people get hurt over it.people are always fighting because of what people says.and too much drama with it.it should be removed. you are not safe on it even if its private it.that is sad our kids want on it too and they cant be safe because of pedahfiles on it.woman are pedahfiles too just not man.and if there was activity going on the home of that night. why? didnt any one call the damn police?. and no 5th grader should be out walking along at night. and keep saying she is hot i need to take a walk.so some one was messing with her on facebook.maybe the step dad pretending to be some one else trying to molest her on line. that always happends 247 and alot of pedahfiles getting away with it because the goverment is letting thoughs people get away with it.our children isnt safe any where nither is adults.parenst should always be in there kids business untile they are 18. just because they have a face book dosent mean they are adults and can do what ever they want. parents should protest for facebook too shut down. it is un safe.for kids and adults every where.pedahfiles can make fake profiles pretending they are kids on facebook they do it all the time and the goverment are pedahfiles too.this world is sick any more.when we had the mafia is was so much safer then.alot of pedahfiles got hanged are killed by the mafia back in the day.facebook needs to be banned!!!. if not then let your kids get on it and hurt by other people and let them be bullied then.if you f****** retards dont care then.

  • Bella123

    It appears that a lot of Noyes are non-compliant sex offenders in that close area.

    Vermont Sex Offender Registry
    A service of the Department of Public Safety – Division of Criminal Justice Services Vermont.gov
    CJS Website
    New Search
    Mobile Version
    Vermont Sex Offender Registry Online Search Service
    Search Results: The results of your search are shown below.
    Click on the Name to view a complete profile. Click on the column headers to sort the results by that column.


    Help with Results
    Search Results
    Search Criteria: Last Name = Noyes Search Again
    1 – 4 of 4 Total Records
    Name Date of Birth City/Town County State Wanted Treatment Status High Risk


    Noyes, David Brian

    55 Groveton, NH
    Laconia, NH
    Pittsburg, NH
    West Stewartstown, NH
    Winnisquam, NH

    • Heather Wheelden

      I do have to say dont beleive everything internet says. Gordon is my.x husband and has been very complient with his.probation but doing his classes and eveeything else he was supposed.to.do. althou i.dont agree with what he did and all he is.doing and has been doing everything to netter himself. Unless u know why he was charged.with what he was.dont assume out of the worst. He also did not know.celina and does not associate with his half.brother

  • Dad of 4

    The fact that there are no clues is your biggest clue, the fact that there is no evidence is your biggest piece of evidence, put the !@#$ing cuffs on the monster, we all know who he is…

  • Kerry

    Hi I want to know if any body knows if Celina Cass still has her Facebook Up Thanks