County fair in Kentucky profits off Casey Anthony as 'public enemy #1'

Casey Anthony dunk tank at County fair in Lexington, Kentucky is shut down amid controversy

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Casey Anthony dunk tank at County fair in Lexington, Kentucky is shut down amid controversy

Casey Anthony dunk tank gets shut down after national attention sparks contoversy. Screen grab via the Today show.

Everybody loves the county fair, especially when it involves one of the most notorious accused child killers in history. In lieu of the Casey Anthony verdict, fair organizers in Lexington, Kentucky set up a dunk tank which allowed fairgoers to dunk a Casey Anthony lookalike in effort to let out their aggression and disapproval of the infamous Casey Anthony acquittal. The fair, sponsored by the Lexington Lions Club, set up the dunk tank with images of Casey Anthony and verdicts displayed on large posters where patrons could pay $1 to hit their verdict of choice, dunking a Casey Anthony impersonator who was hired from a local talent agency. The impersonator had long black hair, tied back in a pony tail and looked strikingly similar to the real Casey Anthony as she appeared in court earlier this month. Not only did she look the part, but she was also heckling the crowd and egging them on. The imitator verbally protested how many people threw the ball at the “guilty” verdict, plummeting her into the cold water.

According to the Today Show, the impersonator, whose identity is being kept secret for her protection was heard yelling out, “You throw like a prosecutor.”

Fair organizers said it was set up in good fun, but closed down last Tuesday, after only a day in operation, over public controversy and media exposure. A spokesperson for the fair, Robin Turner, said that while most people took it in stride and enjoyed taking a shot at “Casey”, some people came out in support for the real Casey Anthony and accused the fair of exploiting the woman who was accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter and was later found “not guilty”. Some fairgoer’s simply found the display distasteful regardless of their opinion on the case.

While Turner told Today that most of the balls were thrown at the guilty verdict, the organizers felt that the dunk tank became too much of a distraction in spirit of the fair and they ultimately decided to close it after all the publicity, good and bad, it received. The fair will continue to run, without the ‘public enemy #1″ tank until July 24th.

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  • Natasha Johnson

    This made me lol pretty darn hard, thank you for the laugh!

  • Susan B

    This was not a “county fair”, nor a “state fair”, as has been incorrectly reported elsewhere on line, but “the Lions’ Club Bluegrass Fair”, a private, long-established annual fair sponsored and produced by the Lexington Lions Club, a private, non-government funded charitable organization.

    My community and state are getting a bad rap from those outside the area who read these erroneous accounts. The taxpayers did not and do not finance the Bluegrass Fair. Many local residents objected to this tasteless effort at making money at the expense of a little murdered child.

    It’s not about Casey, whom I strongly believe to have killed her child – it’s about Caylee, and it dishonored her memory. The Lions’ Club showed extremely poor judgement and complete lack of sensitivity in including this dubious “attraction” in their event.

  • Peter Perjurer

    When are C.A. urinal cakes expected to hit the market?

  • Cheryl

    This didn’t dishonor Caylee’s memory- the verdict did that quite well, all by itself. And Peter Perjurer’s idea is hilarious! I wish Casey Anthony would just do us all a huge favour and take Cindy (the enabler) and disappear. Oh and on the way… take the Casey fans, and the 12 “jurors” to the land of OZ so they can finally ask the WIZARD for a brain.