Sister says Mom whose toddler was found dead in oven is 'not a bad mom'

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Greenville, MS apartment complex where toddler was found cooked in oven. Screen shot via WXVT News.

A little boy, at the tender age of 3, was found dead, stuffed inside an oven. The boys mother, Terrie Robinson, age 24 has been charged with murder in connection with his burned body. Police say the boy, Tristan, was found charred and still “warm to the touch” when they recovered his body. The Washington County, Mississippi coroners report stated that the boy had injuries and trauma which may have been inflicted before he was put inside the oven or even more disturbing still, may have been asleep when he was put inside the hot oven. Police believe that the evidence supports the charges and inidcates foul play. The actual cause of death is still under investigation.

Terrie Robinson’s twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, was quoted telling WXTV, “She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong.”

Also inside the apartment where little Tristan was found was a little girl who has since been placed into state custody. Terrie Robinson is currently in police custody, charged with murder and held on a $5 Million dollar bond.



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  • Strawberry

    OMG.. I can’t even imagine how horrific this would have been to see. What kind of mother/person puts their poor innocent child in the oven. It’s bad enough that the child was already abused then to add insult to injury.. someone should put her ass in the oven while she’s wide awake and see how she likes it. That poor little boy … only God knows how bad he suffered.. and his aunt claims his mother was not a bad mom.. wtf?? Did she not understand that you don’t abuse children and put them in the oven??? I hope his mother rots in hell.. karma is a b**ch!!!

  • Liz

    Unbelievable! I agree, someone should put this person in an oven and let her burn! I hope and pray that this boy was not alive when she put him in the oven…not meaning I’m hoping he was dead but hoping in the manner that he did not suffer being burned to death. I swear, if she claims insanity for this, someone kill her while she’s in jail.

  • sonya patton

    This person is not a real mother!! She doesn’t even deserve to be called a mother bc no real mother could possibly do such a horrible thing to a child of GOD!!!

  • teflonhalo

    That thing isn’t a mother not in the same class of humans for that matter. A “great mother…”?? my god to do something like this she had to be abusing baby before…..and the family must have known something was wrong. …what she did is unspeakable, unfathomable. She’ll get her turn to fry and then to burn eternally.

    Rest in peace baby Triston.

  • K

    I could not be more outraged! I pray that this judicial system we have will start allowing the
    Same death sentence that these devils give to the innocent. She needs to be the example, m maybe just maybe these sick, devilish, animals might think twice before they do something so heinous!
    I am so shocked that a sister would have the nerve to even suggest that she was EVER a good mother.
    Someone needs to investigate the sister. I do not want hate in my heart but I cannot stop thinking of the pain the child endured. I pray he had already passed before she did this. If not someone needs to take swift justice here. Burn her at the stake!!!!!

    God Bless that child!

  • rene

    This is the most hanious crime I have ever heard of! My heart breaks for this poor child. This woman will rot in Hell, hopefully that will be hot enough for her. Terrible, just terrible, you never want to believe there is such evil in this world…

  • moray

    I agree how can you say she is a good mother after what she did..If she is a single mother and I know it can be a pressure raising children on your own.. There are alternatives.. Maybe the family felt guilty for turning the blind eye on whats going on inside the house and now trying to defend her. But how about this innocent child he doesnt deserve to be abuse and treated as such.. He is such a cute baby.. My prayers goes out to everyone involved..

  • Linda

    I notice how all you “good xians” send wishes for the mother to “rot in hell.” Perfect example of “Christian Love.” For all you know, mom was severely mentally ill and having hallucinations. She may have thought her baby was a turkey, or may have been hearing “God” tell her to sacrifice her child, as did Abraham. When she regains her senses, she’s going to have to live with what she did for the rest of her life.

  • Robin

    The sister believing that this woman was a “good mother” is like believing in god. No matter how much evidence shows otherwise, you don’t need either thinking or reality to be a true believer, and no facts showing how nonsensical either god or good mother are, believers still brainlessly believe.

  • sonya patton

    @ LINDA…..I have never once in any post , replying to any comment on my fb page wall, wxvt’s fb page or this that’s said I want her to rot in hell!!! I am a Christian and very proud of it!!! If i qoute the entire BIble its my right with us having freedom of speech and all! I have prayed for the judges, jury , and family. I ve also prayed for her that show her just as much pain as she put on her child here on earth so it will BRING her to knees and fall before the lord asking for forgiveness!!! I dont believe she needs death i believe is needs to live out the rest of her thinking of the son she murdered! Death plenty is a cop out to me on this….meaning thats to easy. And secondly, if she was that messed up mentally why in the world would she be allowed to walk the street more or less take care of 2 small children. If this family loves them so much why didn’t they help poor tristen and his sister! Wondering what she’s been diagnoised with in the pasted to get her labeled mentally ill. On tv the nite it happen her family was saying she had a.d.d. well I am 36 yrs old a I have never heard of a.d.d. causing someone to cook their child……..JUST SAYIN!!!!

  • Antionette

    I actually knew this girl n never thought that she was capable of this type of action… Most people around town really feels sorry fa this girl…. I personally dont!!! mY sympathy n sorrow goes out to little Triston. No matter what her problem was it didnt have nothing to do with that baby. She should have took her problem out on her self…Who does that!!!PUTS THEIR 3 YR OLD N AN OVEN!!!I have two kids n I wouldnt dare do anything to harm them…MY PROBLEMS R MY OWN!!!N it really hurts knowin I this girl and her children but I guess I didnt know her as well as I thought! They claming she wasnt n her right!She knew to turn the oven on n put her baby inside n then turn it off before the police arrive…this girl shouldnt even have a bond…LET HER ROTT!!! ONLY GOD KNOWS!!! R.I.P TRISTON…

  • Sailor Sam

    If my brothers pulled this crap, I wouldn’t dare go public with such a terrible statement. Keep that to yourself idiot! Cry out on behalf of your nephew. IDIOT! Shame on you.

  • Sofia R

    WTF was she thinking!!!!! i think animals take better care of their babies than this st**** bi**.. she deserves to go to hell alive…

  • jul

    “not a bad mom”……what???
    What the heck is her definition of a bad mom?
    I am pretty sure playing Hansel & Gretel with your kid qualifies as “bad mom” (among other derogatory things.)

  • Angel

    If this is the sister’s idea of a good mother I’d hate to see what she thinks a bad mother is.