Toddler trapped in Georgia bank vault; rescued

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Baby stuck in vault being carried away by her mother. Screen shot via NY Daily News.

A Georgia toddler reportedly walked into a bank vault and was stuck behind the heavy, locked door for hours. Apparently the incident happened when a mother took her 14 month old daughter to a Wells Fargo bank in Conyers, GA. to pick up the child’s Grandmother, who works at the bank. The vault was set to automatically close a split second after the toddler wandered into the huge money safe. Witnesses and rescue personnel said they could hear the cries of the baby as they worked to open the safe. Since the safe was time locked, firefighters were unable to get it open without the assistance of a locksmith.

Rescuers had to pump air into the vault as the vault creates an air tight seal once closed. The vault was finally opened and the baby was hastily carried out in her mother’s arms, wrapped in a blanket. While the toddler was unharmed, she was reportedly found with an extremely soiled diaper.  According to The NY Daily News, police reported that the incident was an accident, saying the baby wandered off without notice and walked straight into the vault while her grandmother was closing up the bank.

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  • Tim

    I don’t know who stupider here, the mother or the grandmother. The mother letting her child wander off or the grandmother for allowing the child behind the counter while closing up. I’m an adult and I can’t get anywhere near the bank vault and this kid just wanders in. If I had an account here, I wouldn’t anymore since it seems just anyone can wander behind the counter and get into the vault. I hope the bank fires the grandmother for letting this happen.

  • AG

    Tim, you’re an idiot. You wouldn’t keep money there because anyone can wander in? How many bank robbers have you come across that are a foot tall and just learned how to walk?

  • Breill

    I agree with AG, Tim your an idiot, you obviously don’t have kids either.

  • Eljos

    First of all Tim you are an idiot. Having said that kid was brought behind the teller line because someone that worked for wells fargo knew him. The child was only 14 months so clearly someone had to place him inside the vault and forgot about him.
    But still why would anyone bring a kid inside a vault around closing time. and lets not forget that Tim is still a moron 🙂

  • Are you all stupid?

    No Tim isn’t the moron…you all are…and I have kids. What kind of parent would let their 14 month old just wander off like that? Really? That baby could have died because mom was too busy to notice she wandered off. Seriously! What is wrong with you people. The only one here speaking that has any common sense is Tim…people need to be fired and mom needs a parenting lesson.

  • Ronald

    I don’t know why they haven’t released the name of the mom yet. It looks like Kristina Freitas, who has family in that area. She’s from Canton, Ohio.

  • TruthHurts

    @ Tim & Are you all stupid…(applauding) to the rest, you really need to improve on your parenting skills….

  • Former EE

    1. The vault was not behind the teller line. It is the vault with the safety deposit boxes. (Tim, if you owned a safety deposit box, you have access to this vault anytime during business hours). 2. All of you shouting for someone to get fired, huh? why? Have you ever seen how quick a toddler can move. Have you never turned your back to have a child get into something they aren’t supposed to? 3. The real issue is that if the mother was there at closing time to pick up the grandmother, then she should have been asked to leave the bank while they were closing. Normally banks enforce these policies strictly, in this case poor judgement has cost the bank a lot of negative publicity and I am sure that they will no longer allow anyone to remain in the bank after closing that isn’t there to do business. Regardless this was just an accident and until you are deemed a perfect parent or perfect person, please don’t pass judgement. It isn’t our place.