Couple arrested for allegedly abusing adoptive children; made them eat dog food, sleep in dog cages

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Sonja Kluth and John Kluth, accused of torturing their adoptive children in Oklahoma. Mugshot via Canadian County Jail.

In a gruesome and macabre act of cruciation, an Oklahoma couple, John and Sonja Kluth, ages 50 and 57, have been arrested for allegedly torturing their adoptive children. According to KFOR Channel 4 Oklahoma, the Kluth’s have been accused of “brutal beatings and even feeding their children dog and cat food”. The children were reportedly found extremely malnourished.

KFOR reports that authorities were notified when the Kluth’s 15 year son ran away and was later found sleeping in a box behind a retail store. Police reports also indicate that the 15 year old refused to go home and filed the following about the condition of how the boy was found:

…with a broken hand, scars on this abdomen where he was cut with a knife, scars on this abdomen and back where he was burned with utensils, injuries on this neck where he was strangled and swelling to his finger from having his fingers smashed.

Court documents also state that the kids, ages 9, 11 and 15, were starved and forced to sleep in dog crates in their home’s cellar. It also states that Sonja Kay Kluth admitted to becoming a monster, allegedly using hot utensils to burn the children but also claims that the kind of discipline she used was necessarily to keep the children under control. The 15 year old boy who ran away suffered from multiple afflictions bestowed by his abusive, adoptive parents and has deformed hands from having them crushed multiple times.


Apparently, the children were originally adopted in Wisconsin. The couple has 3 adult biological children, one of whom we confirmed still resides in Wisconsin. He claims that his parents were being investigated in the state of Wisconsin and that’s why he believes they fled to Oklahoma. He seemingly shows no sympathy for his parents, saying “They’re going to get what they deserve.”

The Kluth’s were reportedly getting $1500 per child from the state of Wisconsin and have likely used some of that money to post their bond. They are now free until arraignment.

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  • LeAnne

    I think people like this should be shot…or better yet let their sentencing envolve finger smashing,cutting, hot utinsils and rotten dog food. I guarentee with our judicial system these monsters will get better treatment in jail than what those poor children endured in that hell pit.

  • justice

    these two sorry ass pieces of shit ought to be tortured beyond what they did to these kids, take everything they have and sell it and give the money to the kids and last chop there freakin heads off.

  • Sabrina

    God damn that is soooooo fricken messed up D: poor kids </3

  • what kind of parent whould such a thing like that… why bring kids in this world to sufur.. Have the balls to take care of them… God supset cause it like if u guess are doing that to him.. God is coming one day and he will have the decision to send you to hell and i am not going to judge theme cause i am not god to judge poeple like that should stop cause u guess wounldt like other persons doing that to u gusses.

  • joselyn

    f***** sikosss

  • james

    thats unbelieveable, disgraceful, hope they rot in hell >:/

  • lauren


  • Ruth

    That’s just wrong, they should go to jail for the rest of their lives. No child should ever go threw that! They adopted them, that means that they most likely adopted them so that they could toture them and feel all powerful!

    • i bet that that is exactly what was going thru their jacked up heads.

  • can i just take a can of dog food and shove it down their throats? Please?

  • AJ Quintana

    they are free???? where are they? Someone should really put a bullet inside their heads :/