Father and toddler son fall from chairlift in Vermont

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Okemo Mountain Resort Vermont. Photo Credit Stacy Lynn Baum

A father, age 41, and his 3 year old son fell off a chairlift at a Vermont ski resort. According to WCAX, the pair fell 20 feet and are now recovering at a local hospital from their injuries. A spokesperson for the Okemo Mountain Resort says that the lift has been inspected by various authorities and deemed to be safe. She goes onto explain that the father and son allegedly lifted the rail too soon, suggesting that the accident was user error.

The incident report states that the toddler slipped and fell first and that the father tried to catch him, but failed. The report goes onto to say that the father then jumped to help his son.

Okemo Mountain Resort touts itself as a family resort on their website with a host of skiing classes and lessons for children as young as 2.

The father and child’s name have not been released for privacy reasons.

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  • local mother

    You say that Okemo is a family mountain then go on to say there are lessons for two years olds but not what kind. The mountain recommends has lessons but they are 30 min long or private if the parent wants them to. The 30 min lesson is on carpets only and so is the private. Most kids in lessons dont get to a chair lift until they are 4. People doing research for article should look at all info before saying anything.

    If a father wants to take his three year old on a chairlift then its his doing not the mountain. The father should have been watching his son instead of talking on the phone with his wife.