Oklahoma toddler dies after relentless torture; father charged

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D.J. Ray Yates mugshot via the Otawa County Jail

A 20 month old toddler died of atrocious abuse and torture at the hands of his own father. The toddler was reported to have been brutally beaten, burned and then murdered in the family’s trailer home. His father, D.J. Ray Yates, 23, has been charged and Miami, Oklahoma prosecutors are considering the death penalty in what is considered to be a heartless and brutal crime against his own toddler son. The baby, Quinton Yates, was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. Yates had woken up the baby’s mother, Jessica Schumacher, at 2pm last Thursday to notify her that he had killed their son. Schumacher then dialed 911, but it was way too late for the little guy. The toddler reportedly was severely tortured all over his body, with bruising and burning around his head and body and died of what court documents are calling “mortal wounds”.

According to The Oklahoman, D.J. Yates has had run-ins with the law before. In 2007, he was arrested for plotting to kill a teenager in which he was given a 5 year deferred sentence, which typically means his sentence would be dismissed after a successful probation period. Several years later, he had allegedly violated his probation order so his sentence was then moved to a 10 year suspended sentence, so if he were to have any more violations, he would serve 10 years after his probation. Yates in now being charged with first degree murder for the murder of his own baby.

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  • Mark

    WHAT kind of woman would want to have a child with someone who was on probation for plotting to KILL someone?? Jesus Christ. I blame the mother 100%.

  • Anonymous

    I know this girl and maybe, just maybe, if they hadn’t been partying with drugs and alcohol the night before, this would not have happened. The Miami Police Department should be asking more questions and investigating the mother as well.

  • jul

    I bet this mother wished she hadn’t peacefully napped through the horrific torture-murder of her baby. Hard to believe the little guy didn’t scream in fear and pain. So sad 🙁

  • the “plotting to kill charges” are bogus my brother was charged as well and it was over a fight with a cops son.. so shut up..you dont even know..and lets see mark…you have never had a accident? not making excuses but know one will ever know what happened..especially when everyone already has there mind made up about wat happens

  • Sea Tom

    Death Penalty please. The poor kid deserves justice. And do it quickly. Don’t feed this piece of human waste for years while he sits in prison.


    Why do people get on here defending the murders??? My GOD a child is dead bcz of these 2 people!!!! What’s to defend??? They both sld get life…and How the hell did she sleep thru that?? Why do these people have children????

  • AJ Quintana

    System failed round and sound!! way too many chances for this monster, and now look what he has come to do?

  • This is why legal abortion is still necessary. Imagine 50 million more humans in the USA, all living with or being raised by people who wanted to kill them, or thought the baby would be better off dead. What kind of care would those babies get if a “wanted” baby dies in this horrific manner.
    It is better that unborn babies go straight to heaven, rather than living in the various situations where abortion is chosen: for example where the grandmother KNEW that the mom would not be a good mother and so grandma coerced the mom to have an abortion. It is better that the baby die as an embroyo rather than living with mom’s new boyfriend or the baby’s father who would kill him slowly.
    Do you call yourself “pro-life”? Then start a “no-questions-asked” shelter/day care for kids such as this innocent, now dead, tortured baby. Get together with others from your “pro-life” church and staff a shelter 24/7. If mom is worried about child welfare, she can drop the child off in your care, anytime.
    “Pro-life?” Then prove it. Caring isn’t what you say, it is what you DO.