Father sentenced for killing deaf, disabled 2 year old son

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The baby was deaf and disabled. The father’s supposed girlfriend says she heard the sound of a grapefruit hitting the floor as the father slammed his head to the ground. She allegedly did nothing and is being charged with murder as well as the baby’s mother who stood by and did nothing.

Finally, a sentence which may help bring justice to innocent baby…

Dr. Raj Nanduri, a pathologist, testified that Maxwell had bruises all over his body from previous injuries but died from four blows to the head. She said the boy would have shown obvious signs of distress in the hours before his death.

Eyer testified at Tuesday’s hearing that she left Maxwell with Garcia and Lansdon at his home in East Alton on Dec. 26, although she had been warned by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services never to allow Garcia to be with the child unsupervised.


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  • Veronica

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    R.I.P. Maxwell Eyer, may God take care of you.

    As for you, roland, in case you come here, I want you to know that you are a criminally insane child hater. Don’t forget that.

  • anthony.rigoni

    I hope it’s a death sentence because that scumbag deserve to die and so does his girlfriend! Art Vandeley, Roland, spaghett!, Ravioli, who ever you jerks are, don’t write any comments or *edited by Minor Topics. YOU HEAR ME?! *edited by Minor Topics!!!!!!!

  • Angel

    anthony.rigoni and Veronica, Roland is a sick, sick person who comes to random websites to read about child abuse and laugh like the sick person he is. I doubt he’ll come back here.

  • Angel

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  • Wanda the Grackle

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  • Just me

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  • anthony.rigoni

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  • I LOL’d at the grapefruit part. Too funny

  • anthony.rigoni

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  • Yikes

    Is this the, violent murderous plot site, or the poor abused children site??? Im confused???

  • Jennifer

    I understand the rage. this story is disturbing. How can people ever hurt little kids. May God be with all of our innocent children. And may God help the people who have no compassion for the innocent.

  • Izzy

    all i can say is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats hella *&^%$# up no need to kill a child no matter what they do just ground them and if u dont want them give them to some1 who will care i hope ALL OF THE MEN AND WOMAN that do this kinda os stuff to children shoukd be put in prison 4 life! i think i mkae a website where ppl sign upp to stop child abuse and they should pass a law where a S.S.C should be able to go to anyhome when ever some one callz in to report child abuse or other things

    P.S. pl who do this are sick mindied ppl

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  • A mother

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  • heeheegal

    These fudging people need to be tortured ALL THEIR LIFFEEE. That poor kid:(

  • rebecca cail-cantey

    people who do this disgusting crap to their children should be sentenced to the same treatment **for life**.

  • Chloe

    There are a lot of things i dont agree with…and this is one of them. Why would this sick act ever enter someones mind??? A disabled child has enough to deal with never mind not knowing if he could trust people around him! I am absolutely disgusted and the man and woman deserve everything they get and more!!!! R.I.P because you deserve it