Toddler abused so badly, he may have arm amputated

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This story makes me so sick to my stomach. I actually feel faint reading about it. The extent of cruelty inflicted on this poor baby, how is it even possible.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

That is when Sosa allegedly broke the toddler’s arm. Police said he then took off his chain necklace and strangled the infant until he almost passed out.

After the boy’s family picked him up, they noticed injuries and took him to a hospital, where he was still being treated Thursday night.


The boy’s arm was so badly broken doctors said they may need to amputate it.

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  • Veronica

    I want to kill these sick f&^%$ myself. The dude likes pain? I’d give him pain. And I’m interested to see their mugshots someday (sarcasm!); in fact, Stephanie Lucero is a truly fat ugly bloated bitch. Seriously, did she have fun watching her evil precious penis hurting that poor kid? I hope that a$$clown and that vile fat whore so-called aunt get beaten by their inmates cuz even inmates hate child abusers. Thank goodness that poor kid is still alive…I just hope that his abusers get their karma in prison.

  • Angel

    They deserve to be castrated and burned for doing that to an innocent kid for no reason. It makes me SICK!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie

    Poor little scrap. People are so cruel, you don’t lay a hand on a child. I hope this kid gets some justice, some serious justice.

  • Gituar Extrodinar

    seriously Valerie your right…
    why do people take pleasure in this???
    E-mail me too hear more about my abuse stories, Valerie! !

  • Storm

    Why is our judicial system so afraid to end the lives of these types of animals? After all, that’s what they are, normal humans don’t act like this, if we would just put them to sleep, they’d be off our taxes, out of our jails, and we’d have a guarantee this type of crime wouldn’t be repeated by the individual again….I suppose……we’re just too scared to clean up America……and too scared to treat animals too inhumanely……so, just forget the victim….cause that’s what we do!

  • Angel

    I hope this parents get some real jail time

  • killyoself