Mother stood by while boyfriend beat toddler to death

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MT can’t even think of an appropriate punishment for such evil people.

Reports reveal that the mother knowingly allowed her boyfriend to beat the child on a regular basis and was fully aware he was beating the child with a cord and heard her cries and screaming and just went on her merry way. She was probably grateful that someone else was going to take the fall for getting rid of a baby she obviously felt was a burden.

Then, she puts on a good show for the police, crying and asking about the condition of her baby as she sat in the police station. MT thinks this was a calculated effort on her part to lessen her jail time as an accessory. After all, Judges an Juries fall for that crap all the time. Especially since jurors are the ones who aren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty, we leave our children’s fate in their hands.

While the mother stood by and watched her boyfriend beat her baby to death with a video game cord, she did nothing, yet cried at police station asking for updates on her baby??? Are you kidding me????? Sounds like she put on a good show, probably more concerned about thwarting jail time than her baby.


The mother admitted that the boyfriend had been beating the toddler for months. BOTH of them need to be charged with murder. This is outrageous. Can anybody imagine the suffering and pain this little baby went though before her body finally gave up?

During questioning at the police station, Johnson admitted to beating the girl but did not say why, Ward said. The toddler was beaten with a video game controller and cord, according to charging documents.

Just before 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the mother and boyfriend had called 911 to report the injured toddler, Ward said. After the beating, Johnson put the toddler in a bathtub to revive her but she remained unresponsive, according to court records.

Johnson then brought the wet, limp and unresponsive child to Baez and the two began CPR, court records say.

Afterward, the mother told police Johnson was beating her daughter and the child was screaming and then stopped, according to charging documents.

Baez was charged because she was home when Johnson allegedly beat the toddler but did not intervene or try to get help, Ward said.

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  • HOw could any mother if human, could set and just watch her flesh and blood get abused like that baby? She has no human morals about her at all. There is not a mother on earth who loves her children, would watch a helpless child,baby, get harmed . The love,protection should override any fear that she had for that boy-friend of hers. SHe put herself before her child, thought of her own protection, and showed her true feelings. People will say they hope she will be abused,cry,for help and not one human will go to her aide.

    • sundaerobin

      Sociopaths lack moral fiber. They dont have a moral compass. No conscience. No remorse. No empathy. No guilt. They only identify to what feels good for THEM. Its all about them them them them. The fact that not being a good loving parent who provides a nuturing and stable-safe enviornment isnt bothersome to them or doesnt alert something inside them to me is a clear indication that they are sociopaths. Most parents have a great feeling that overcomes them when they are a good parent so even if someone was greedy or selfish, one might expect that if it “feels good to them” (being a good parent) then they would do it for purely selfish reasons, but, not here. Clearly not in this case. When satan gets his claws fimrly in a sociopath, evil things like this happen. Fucking pieces of shit. Just vile.

    • rena

      You’re right. What the mother did was horribly wrong, but wishing abuse on her will not bring that poor baby back and is not the Christian way, which teaches us to have forgivet. Yes, she should be punished. No we should not burn her at the stake.


    This woman she be punished just as well as her boyfriend. This is your own flesh and blood. How could you let someone come in and do harm to your child with you knowing this. I being a parent am so furious with this woman. I can’t imagine what this child was going through. I despise parents like her.

  • Lila

    This is not to everyone. This is to parents who have abusive thoughts towards their children. You should seek counseling and stay consistent to doctor or counselor visits. You should stay consistent with doctor’s or counselor’s instruction. There shouild be free counseling services availibe, or PSYCHIATRIC or THERAPUTIC services, try the number “411″ for information on “Counseling or Doctoral Services”. They may be able to direct you to doctors professionals or Health Insurance Plans. Free counselor’s could be anybody holding a two year degree or more. Free counselores may also be College Interns with more college credits than a two year degree or less credits than a two degree. Free Counselors are NOT required to with hold criminal information. Professional PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS by the state’s or country’s law are required to withhold criminal information. Meaning criminal infromation, Free Counselor MUST tell to the authorities. Criminal information, PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS (Doctor’s Degree) must NOT tell to the authorities. Enrolling for Medical Health Plans Is what you need. Do what you MUST to qualify. That will make you a patient of a PSYCHIATRISTS or THERAPISTS.

    If you have a history of abuse with your child or children and are not seeking any counseling or doctoral help, you should consider giving your child up for adoption. A failed parent(s), or guardian(s) is not a parent or guardian who fails to raise the child, but a parent or guardian who fails to give the child the best care they need. The best care they need is love and support, and a positive upbringing. If you refuse counseling or doctoral help, then giving the child or children the best care they need would be to let some one else who is more suitable, and righteous to take care of them. That is the works of a loving and prosperous parent who does not wish to seek aany counseling or doctoral help. They should give them up for adoption. Once they reach the age of maturity they will understand your decision. They will love you for it.

    If you do not wish to give your child or your children away to adoption becauase you believe that they may be abused, then you must get help for yourself if you are an abusive parent or guardian. You must seek counseling and doctoral help. Remember, to decline the option of giving them up for adoption because you fear they may be abused, maybe in vain if you yourself do not stop abusing them. The child or children will not leave an abusive situation if you do not stop abusing them.

    If you do not wish to seek counseling, doctoral help, or any other method to better your life or your kid(s) life, then another option would be, to let the LAW handle you and your children. Your children will be happy because they will have a happy positive life if the Law get’s involved. Once they reach the age of maturity they will not be mad at you. They will love and appreciate you…. as their parent. They will remember what you did for them. You will not be forgotten by them, you will not be their abuser, but their hero. They will not forget that you chose to save their lives instead

    LAW: meaning to turn yourself or yourselves in to the Police Authorities for criminal activity.

    Your children will love and appreciate you forever for what you did for them and what you did for…. yourself, or yourselves.

    PSYCHIATRISTS and THERAPISTS are there to make things right as well.

    DO WHAT YOU MUST TO QUALIFY FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE!! (My mother says it a crime how much money the medical field has and so many people with out any medical insurance.)


  • jaky

    how could a mother do this to her child… then sit and watch. she should of dumped the fagit man !!! beating a child is fucking awful … then to begin to pleed guilty. if i were her i would kill my self and my husband. this mum shuld be jailed for life. she should be wipped evryday. she desserves to die and so does her husband. but congrats their a cupple maid for eachother…. you are both cunts

    • lin

      same thing when a woman stands back and watches her 3 year old child being molested! Many women care more for the boyfriend than their children. Honestly he was beating her when she’s a baby – what if the child was 6 or 7 he would have raped her. sad but true. It starts out with beatings.

  • The b****. how could you just sit and watch as someone beats YOUR baby and pretend it’s not happening. Then you act like you care just to get oft of jail. I hope she dies a painfull death and then burns in hell with here boyfriend

  • nicole

    i waana kno how a mother could let that happen to her own baby i remember watching my brother be beat by my moms boy friend she couldnt stop him but at least she tried the tears she cried every night and this woman just let it happen she has to be sick!

  • Jennifer


  • eyesenia

    she has the nerve. she should be slappd in the face.and beat to death.

  • angie

    That motha f***** b**** should have been beaten with a d*** video game cord!!!!Not the wonderful angel baby

  • Kate

    Give me ten minutes with that bitch………..give my husband five minutes with the boyfriend……….

  • beza

    y the hell would u woch ur child get BEATEN!!!!!!! she has no human morals at all i hope the boyfreind got locked up 4 life and the mum get some seious fines and pherapy

  • amy

    I love my boyfriend dearly but I will always love my children more and if he ever layed a hand on my kids the law wouldnt have a chance to punish him. This mother is sicker than the boyfriend for watching something happen to her own child. She should burn right along with the boyfriend.

    • lin

      If you have a daughter please talk to your daughters regarding good touch and bad touch. Women that get into 2nd or 3rd relationships their children especially girls are at a 40% higher rate for child sexual abuse/molestation.

      My mothers boyfriend used to abuse me and she did not believe me, i told my aunt and she contacted the police and my mother was shocked because her boyfriend was a good guy and she said her world was turned upside down. Always ask your girls if anyone touched them and look for signs. Chances are higher when there is a non related male in the house.

  • My mother used to watch me get beaten by her sadistic husband, that’s why I get so angry! I have daughters of my own now, and couldn’t imagine not helping them if they were in danger. I’d take the beating myself before I’d let it happen to my beautiful girls! I just don’t get it. Love can’t be THAT blind!

  • steven

    if the baby dies….than the mother and the man who did it should die too.

  • Nicole K.

    How can you possibly give birth to a human being and do this something this horrendous? I just don’t understand how you could be so vile as to stand there and watch your boyfriend beat your baby to death. That man and woman both have SERIOUS issues. They really need to get some F****** help!!!

    • lin

      its called having D*** and sex. he provides for her.

  • Jangy

    who fucking cares. Like no one gives a s***. I think the mother was right for doing it! Maybe the baby was a fucking annoying kid! Hell id beat my child!!!

    Administrator Note: Obviously this person is just seeking attention. Thank you for all that flagged this comment. I’ll leave it up however, because it is so incredibly ridiculous, I’m not worried about anybody taking it seriously.

    • y it is just a little kid u dont need to be mean abut it it is sad u r stupid

    • lin

      Yeah, or its one of those types of men!

  • Monica

    how could a mother do dat 2 a poor little toddler 🙁 wat a bitch. i would never do dat 2 any child. abusive people should really die and its like they tinks kids r replaceable but there not!!!!!!!!! F*ck u poor litle kid i hope the babys ok

  • Lexi

    To Jangy: What are you thinking? A helpless child brought into this world with no say has no right to be beaten! If you can not handle kids then do not open your legs!!! How dare you imply that!!! God help your soul! How do you sleep at night?

  • Like seriously, the justice system has to start giving people a dose of their own medicine. They need to get someone bigger and stronger then them and do all the things that the parents did to the poor defenseless child and they need to beat them on a regular basis too! Maybe then they’ll start to realize all of the things that “their child” had to go through until the day she died. what kind of sick bastards are these people. like Jangy.

  • tay

    What the hell is wrong with these people beating something as fragile and defencless as a child seriously people need to notice children are living and breathing and they feel pain just as much as every one else if you were just going to stand there and let someone beat your child you shouild never have taken the responcibility of being a parent! 🙁 Plz stop child abuse this world is going no where with this kind of abuse!

  • CHILD!

    OK! WHAT THE HELL! Parents like that shouldn’t have children…they should wear condoms…. Also If u wanted a chid to abuse it your sick in the head. This is why they should have capital punishment, the fear of death would have stopped this.

  • I wish I can strangle those two by their necks and cut their heads off with my video game cords! I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU CRAP-HEADS KILLING BABIES!!!

  • kristi

    i think that it is so wrong that a mother can let her boyfriend do that to her daughter that she is supposed to love and if she did not then why did she even have it i dont believe in child abuse it is so wrong

  • Veronica

    Hippichick, I’m sorry about what you went through and I hope you try counseling to help you deal with your disgusting past that your so-called dad forced you through. As for the bitch that willingly let her boyfriend beat the poor kid to death, I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR HER, LET ALONE HER BOYFRIEND, WHATSOEVER. I hope they die in prison.

    As for you, Jangy, YOU ARE A VILE PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! Go to hell right now! This site is for people that care about kids, not anyone to spew garbage! JANGY IS NOT HERE BECAUSE HE/SHE CARES ABOUT KIDS; HE/SHE IS HERE JUST TO SPEW GARBAGE!!!!!!!! If you ever beat your beautiful children, I will call the police and then I’d hope that you’d get a nice, friendly visit from them. I do not feel sorry for that callous bitch nor her stupid penis of a boyfriend. You three heartless asswipes are either on the team or not, and if not, MOVE ON AND GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    this is sick and disgusting….these people need to be put on death row for the innnocent life they took….if anyone knows where i can get a video of child abuse cought on tape plz let me kno…im a high-school student doing a presentation at thee local middle school to spread awareness of how bad this can acctually get…plz e-mail me with a link

  • Keith

    Death is not enough for these people! Having a child I can not even read a story like this without tears! If we know of something like this going on we have to step in. No child should ever have to go through this! Murder of a child should be automatic death sentance! No questions asked!

  • i hate see little ones being abused i’ve been an abused child but thanks to my mom i got out but my dad the one who abused me is is still out there and tring to get me back into his home and the jugeds has done nothing about it and won’t liston to my side of the storey.

  • MJL

    Maybe they should put the contraceptive package back into the stimulous plan.

  • MJL

    Maybe they should put the contraceptive plan back into the stimulous bill.

  • Veronica

    *sigh* I wish I could get my hands on those two heartless pieces of feces. The dude likes pain? THEN I’LL GIVE HIM SOME!!!! AND I’LL DO THE SAME THING TO THAT VILE FAT WHORE SO-CALLED MOM FOR JUST STANDING IDLY LIKE AN IDIOT AND LAUGHING WHILE HER STUPID PENIS BEAT THAT POOR KID TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE TWO MOTHERFUCKERS NEED TO BE SODOMIZED!!!!!!!! As for that poor kid, rest in peace, my dear. May God take care of you and your helpless soul.

  • mahi

    do u kno the baby was baby p nad the baby is dead yeah he is DEAD so sadd n hir mum n her bf was in prison but they r home nwww yeah murderer sitting in home i cant belive itt

  • Miss. D

    How can anybody do this to a baby or even to any child??? I think that all chilrd abusers need to go to hell… I love my boyfriend and if he even thinks about hitting my child, best believe that he wont stand a chance against me because I would beat him with a baseball bat and trust me I wont stop until he is dead because I am getting sick of parents doing that… Parents that abuse their children beat be watching out because somebody like me will beat their asses down… PLEASE STOP CHILD ABUSE…

  • Dr. Raid

    WOW……WOW…some humans are just sooooo stupid. why dont we go back to olden times, were if that happend the mother sould be beaten and raped in public.

  • Veronica

    Jangy is a BIG FAT TROLL. PERIOD. Jangy thinks that it’s okay to abuse a child of any gender, but it IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE. People like Jangy really need to be smacked!

  • Alison

    There is a special place in hell for these kinds of people. Those who not only ignore the precious gift that God gave them but just sat there while someone so innocent was injured.

  • Veronica


  • 🙁 If you are so damn mad that kill a fucking punching bag not a beautiful little baby. Or kill yourself you sick bastard it would make the world better. And you his bitchy girlfriend keep your legs crossed if you are just gonna’ go through giving birth to let some one kill your little flower! GET SOME COMMON SENSE BASTARDS. I don’t really give a rat’s ass if they go to jail or not as long as they die a slow painful death and then rot in hell. However for you little sweet child R.I.P. may the angels dry you tears!:(

  • Veronica

    Chloe, you go girl!

  • Nay

    i seriously can’t understand why someone would stand there and let there child be beaten and abused.What is the world coming to.And i want to know wht kind of woman could stand there and let this take place!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITZ A DIRTY DIRTY WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!AZ MY NIGGA BOOSIE WOULD SAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • what the hell how could u sit there and watch ur baby be beat to death let me find that bitch and i will beat her to death with a game controller let god be with them cuz the wount

  • oops it left out that the judge will not be with them

  • Makenzie

    That is soooooo messed up!!!!! how could anyone do that to a poor inasent child!!! COME ON GET REAL!!!!!!!!

  • lexie

    jangy u got some reall issues! u sound like u beat ur children! u should b slapped across your face! u have a sick mind u should b in jail! u need 2 f off! wat ev! i think dat the mom should beaten 2 death with dat same cord! and then the boyfriend should 2! i think dat jangy should 2! well daz all i really got 2 say and it makes me sick 2 my stomack!!! may god have mercy on the baby’s soul and may the 2 adult’s burn in HELL!!!

  • jess

    DAMN JANGY WUTS YO PROBLEMMMM??????????!?!?!?!??!

  • chanty

    I feel so sick when i listen to storys like these.a child is a prescious gift and should be love.If any one thinks that this child was asking for it is a sick person who themselves maybe abussive to children.

  • JKBKW.

    how couuld someeonee do something so stupid?
    I hopee thee daad will geet raped in prison!!!
    heeck stop child abusee!
    juust becaause the parents haave a haard daay doesn’t mean theey can come home and beat on their children and blame them for their mistakes!
    if all your going to do is beat on youur kids why even bother haaving kids? god it’s so stupid how parents caan do thaat!

  • Veronica

    You stupid mother! She actually cared more about her evil precious penis…AND ACTUALLY FORGOT THAT SHE HAD A BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!!!! WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for Jangy, he/she is not here to show any concern for that poor little girl; he/she is here just to spew garbage and stuff. Jangy is one deranged individual that is not here to show any concern for children cuz he/she is a child abuser anyway. Jangy is definitely messed up. Whoever makes obscene comments about children and why they “asked for it” is a troll. Like Jangy.

  • Angel

    SICK MONSTERS are the only words that come to mind.
    Jangy, How can a BABY be annoying?? They’re only annoying to sick bastards that shouldn’t be having them in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DON’T YOU GET YOUR SORRY ASS OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO HANG YOURSELF BECAUSE IT IS SICK F***ERS LIKE YOU THAT MAKE THIS WORLD WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel

    FUCK JANGY AND FUCK THAT BITCHY MOM AND HER BOYFRIEND. You ALL need help…which I doubt will help you. I agree with Victoria, I hope all of them (ALL child abusers including Jangy) go to prison and get raped repeatedly.

  • Gituar Extrodinar

    OH.MY.GOD! Jangy, how could you say that?!?! If you were abused like i wuz you’d no how it feels! I have a band called- The Children of the Unforgiven Dispute- and we write songs that has to do with this kind of thing. If anyone wants to hear some of my songs, poems, or writings PLEASE e-mail me at
    Thank You…


  • Gituar Extrodinar


  • andrea

    thats freaking stupid. i dont even care who you are. they diseve to be tied up in the middle of a neiborhood, and anyone who wants too can just beat the crap out of them. so they know how it feels. i know i would goo. freakin kill one of them and slap the mother as hard as i possably can forr being dummy stupid…
    i dont want to get carried away soo im DONE

  • alice

    how could a mother allow a man to come into her home and let him abuse her child. She just sat there and heard her daughters cries, yet did nothing about it. She’s a savage. She deserves to get her ass beat.. Let’s see if she would be able to handle what her poor baby went through. People like her don’t deserve to have children. there are so many good people out there that would love nothing more than to have a child, and they cannot, and the ones who are blessed to have them, don’t know how to love them and cherish them.. Horrible….

  • Veronica

    Alice, you really hit the hail hard on the head! What those scumbags did is way beyond disgusting…AND I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JANGY WAS APPROVING!!!

    Jangy, if you don’t like this site, then feel free to find a website, and websites, that supports child abusers…here is a good one for you:

    This should work because you, Jangy, are really a criminally insane child hater and so are those scumbags that were supposed to love that poor little girl! What they did is waaaay beyond disgusting and sadistic… and you are approving?! You are sick! You think that poor little girl “deserved what she got” because you are a child abuser anyways! You are messed up! You are also one vile, disgusting beast as well!

  • Angel

    I really hope that Jangy doesn’t have any kids. NO CHILD deserves a parent like Jangy. Jangy, if you don’t have kids please keep it that way…and if you are so slutty that you have trouble keping your legs closed…email me and my special knives and sewing machine will be over ASAP.

  • jess webb

    This makes me sick to my stomach, to think some1 like you could be so heartless! the mother is just a selfish little whore i am immensly embarresed for you and your ratdog of a boyfriend . yous are both pigs to the world ! use deserve to be torched, cut up spat out meat cleverd and then burried alive! i hope that someone comes along and kills use both! nice knowing yous!

  • rachel keltie

    oi jangy you filthy mut listen nice and close you are a disgrace to the whole universe not even god will save you now you little smelly prosty ! i honestly hope you get fucking belted to death in jail and so does your fagget loser boyfriend who should probably commit suiceide cause no body wants him here 😛 im going now hope u suffer everyday for the remanding days that you have left bitch! seyuuuuu byebye

  • kia

    How cud any 1 do thiat to a baby? Tell me this Jangy what kid of sick BITCH r u? If u were me boy friend I would have killed u the first time my baby cried out like that kid must have. YOU ARE SICK AND DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY URSELF BITCH.

  • leila

    -.- DO U ALL FUCKIN BELIEVE EVERY LITTLE THING U READ!??!?!?!?! FUCK!!!! i mean she may have not done it im not saying she didt but fuck ppl juge after u see the proof damn

  • amanda

    ok, so like when i was younger like my mothers boyfriend use to like tell me that i was worthless and no one would love me. then after that he would tell me to get on the bed and cover my eyes. no he did not rape me, he beat me. that left a lot of scars. i know what it is like. but my mom just kept going out with him. this lasted for 7 years. then i went to the hospidle and moms feers of being put in jail sent her to the point when she ran away and then it never happened again. but i still remember watching as it did. ill never be able to forget this. that why i think that freaken they both should have gotten beeten to death as well. see how they like it.

  • heeheegal

    I don’t understand it!!! That poor baby:(( That freakish gorely goulish mother and her boyfriends better not be killed but beaten for life…. cuz why just stop being suffered when dead when u could have pain and chaos all ur life??? RIP poor kid :(((

  • Jazz

    As a mother of a 2yo – I CANNOT fathom standing by whilst your child screams… I understand a fear of an abusive boyfriend but would risk my life in a second for my child – as I would any child as they can’t defend themselves. Any normal person would. She needs to be locked up in a room and the key thrown away – aswell as forcibly sterilised.

  • mariah

    that is terrible. what kind of person would do such a thing????

  • Hope

    Some people shouldn’t have children. unfortunately there is no way of looking at someone and making such a decision. I do believe that people like these should never be allowed to come in contact with children.

    Abortion is a very unpopular idea, however if someone doesn’t want a child or is too young to have common sence to take care of a child, of any age, either abortion or adoption would be the only way to prevent so many such cases of child abuse. Not all perhaps but I do believe most would be avoided.

    These people should be locked away from all human contact for the rest of their lives. There is obviously something human missing from these peoples make up.

  • sammmyyy

    wooww lady ya must be goddamn stupid
    how can she do something by watching her bf kill a baby!!! and then pretends to b inoccent???
    dont know her but fuckin hate her……

  • Amanda

    F*** YOU, WHOEVER YOU B****** ARE (the mother and her BF)! ROT IN HELL!

  • monica

    this bitch who calls herself a mother is a disgace to human race i have kids and i can’t imagine anyone trying to hurt them…i always say that only the the lord himself can keep me away from my babies…this bitch deserves the same punishment…all i can say now is that poor baby has been set free…

  • Brazil


  • Julia

    It was hard to read this. I have tears in my eyes and pain in my heart for this little angel. I have anger and hatred for the mother and her boyfriend for what they are.

    I pray that all the child abusers out there are punished severely and have a lifetime of pain like that of what they inflicted on children.

  • GM

    My responce to this news: To the mother of that precioius child: What is your malfunction!!!! That child NEEDED YOU and you let that boy beat THAT PRECIOUS BABY (yes I called him a boy) because a real man wouldn’t beat a child and let me tell you something a REAL WOMAN wouldn’t stand by and let it happen. I KNOW BECAUSE I AM A Parent OF ALMOST 18 YEARS. I have RAISED MY TEENS from infant up and LET me Tell you, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Its AMAZING what a Calm heart can do as a parent. My teens don’t smoke anything,They don’t do drugs of any kind and they don’t drink alcohol or beer of any kind,my teen LOVE GOD and I’m GREATFUL TO THE GOD THAT I SERVE that I got the BLESSING to RAISE my teens. My teens are a blessing in my life each and every day.

    I wonder if you hear your child scream at night righ before you dose off? … well let me tell you this: I am GREATFUL that your child is Gods Child and that precious baby is being cared for in more ways then 1. that precious child is no longer IN PAIN! THAT PRECIOUS CHILD IS NO LONGER SUFFERING! That Precious Child IS IN THE HANDS OF THE ALMIGHTY FINALLY SAFE and LOVED forever.

  • GM

    Women that have children and beat them or what ever other way they find in their wicked hearts to kill their child,may have HAD the child,but lets face it,they are NOT a real mom.

    Same if a dad kills a child,he is not a real dad.

    Where were the neighbors? I KNOW they had to hear that precious baby scream.

    Its SICK the way things are going in this world.

  • Aimee

    I can’t believe that someone would wish harm on to and inocent child of not even 2 years old. I cried when i read what happened to that poor child. Just unhumane!!!

  • Ashley

    Just sick.What a BITCH.I would never-EVEN IN HELL-abuse my child.Im a 17 year old with a 1-year-old girl named Angel.I would never abuse her.NEVER.So you know what lady,dont open your legs for any man,BITCH.

  • Courtney



  • Is it really happen or just a story ?

  • Amy

    What a horrible person. I cannot believe she let him beat the child. I hope he burns in hell. I hope he lives a eternity of TORTURE. I’m so pissed off

  • Gracie


    • Jessie Anderson

      SAME HERE!

  • alyssa

    i dont get how parents can be so f****** in the head like whats more important ur kid or the guy or f******* like this chick needed to stand up for her kid. she should get the same thing done to her so then sh e will know how it feels

  • Jessie Anderson

    Wait Wait Wow. OK now I freakin know my mother would get a BF again but I know she won’t let him beat the H*** outta me or my 9 year old bro. 

  • Milagros Rivera

    She stood by because that was her plan. To get rid of the daughter she did not want, In a premeditated MURDER!!!
    And in light of the facts, the disgusting bitch, probably saw her daughter as sexual competition. She deserves the death penalty just like the man she loves more than her own daughter. A real mother does not put a scumbag in front of here child.
    She thought her plan was so perfect it included a scapegoat, that they took turns trying to lure to their deathtrap.
    It’s a shame that they could actually fool their friends and family, or are they blind that they could not see the abuse on a two year old. They must be deaf also not to hear her agony, which was heard even in public. They could have saved her from these two demons. They sow what they RIP – Darisabel