Teens fatally beat homeless man for beer

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Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. Two teens in Granite City, Illinois, have pleaded guilty to fatally beating a homeless man after he refused to buy them beer.

Seventeen-year-old Joseph Lee Raines and 18-year-old Brandon Carol Bouck entered their pleas Thursday in Madison County court. In exchange, prosecutors dropped first-degree murder charges.

Assistant State’s Attorney Susan Jensen says testimony would have shown the defendants told a friend about punching and kicking Thomas Muffler in October.

Jensen says Muffler had refused to buy the teens beer. After the beating, the teens stole a 24-ounce can of beer from Muffler.


Authorities say Muffler suffered broken ribs that penetrated a lung.

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  • Lori K.

    I think it’s time that we stop taking “plea bargins” and dropping charges ehen people confess to these crimes. At a very young age we are tought right from wrong, a lie fromt he truth. People need to pay heavily for their crimes and stop getting away with just a smack on the hand and a “now don’t do that again”. What the hell has this country come to. when someone figures it out, please let mw know.

  • Sally7878

    It is totally unfair that you worked as a pig and make a decent salary, paid extreme taxes and when you are  pregnant and sick at the same time and need to leave early( more than 4 months before you due date ) on disability the state or goverment does not protect your benefits( medical insurance), that sucks specially when your contributions are being well enjoyed by those who do not have to sweat for the job!!!I am feeling left alone and there is nothing I can do about it.
     Maternity expenses should be covered for the amount you need 9 month if it necesary  and  by all means to every mom to be, specially if you are unable to work because of a condition and regardless……..,It is a right to protect a life. Why ??? a woman that never woked in her life b/c did not want has more benefits than the one that make a difference every day and support the goverment with taxes………..I do not understand I should be resting b/c of my condition and I am more stress because I know but the delivery date I will have a huge invoice to paid…:(