Vanished into thin air

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UPDATE 2: Sole plane crash survivor, 12 year old Francesca Lewis, is said to be doing well and was walking around when rescue teams located her.


UPDATE 1: Victims found, one survives. The father and daughter, age 13, on vacation in Panama have parished in a plane crash while the girl’s friend, 12 year old Francesca Lewis survives…The patient is in the hospital. No update on her condition have been given.



A father and his 13 year old daughter and her 12 year old friend are missing in Panama after their plane is thought to have crashed with rescue efforts being delayed due to dense fog and weather.

The girls are said to be on vacation and were due to be home for Christmas, in California. What tweens go to Panama for a vaca-? The daughter of a hedge fund manager, I suppose…

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — A California hedge fund manager, his daughter and her friend were among four people on a small plane that went missing in Panama, the man’s ex-wife said Tuesday.

Kim Klein told The Associated Press that bad weather and other obstacles were preventing rescue crews from looking for the plane, which may have crashed in the western province of Chiriqui.

Klein told The Associated Press during a phone interview from Boquete, Panama, that her former husband, Michael, was aboard the Cessna 172, along with their daughter, Talia, her friend Francesca Lewis of Santa Barbara, California, and a Panamanian pilot, Edwin Lasso.

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  • rose

    ummm….excuse me, are you kidding me. A LOT of parents who are educated and adventurous and open-minded take their kids to interesting places in the world for vacation. It’s not like he took her out of school for 3 weeks and let her drink martinis. How in the world does this make him a bad parent? If anything he was broadening her horizons, allowing her to see how other people and other cultures live. And let’s face it, a plane crash can happen ANYWHERE. Don’t be so ignorant. Just because you believe the only wholesome place to take your kid is Disney World so that your kids won’t be able to form an original thought in their head doesn’t mean that someone ELSE is a bad parent. It just means you are limited in your thinking and quite honestly, probably very ignorant and boring.