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Book club fail: Why I had to quit my book club

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I joined a book club in July. Thought it would be a good opportunity to meet other other people, including some book nerdy moms. The first meeting went well. I got along with all the ladies at my end of the table. About 23 people showed up. The organizer was really great and…organized. I joined […]

Cherokee People, Cherokee Tribe

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Are the Chicago Blackhawks racist? How about the Kansas City Chiefs? According to the Oregon State Board of Education, the answer would likely be a resounding yes. They’ve been working for the past six years to pass a rule which bans the use of native American (or American Indian) mascots and logos at schools. So, […]

UC Berkeley student Republicans spark outrage over affirmative action bake sale

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A group of Young Republicans at UC Berkeley college set out to illustrate what they consider to be the great injustice of affirmative action. They decided a traditional rally would be trite and full of accusations of racism, so they have decided to take a very unconventional approach to getting their message out by holding […]

Suburban Racism

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Twice in the past month, I’ve heard outright racial slurs used in casual conversation.  Both times, these verbal bombs were dropped by upper middle-class women in their late 40’s.  Both times I just stood there speechless as they kept on talking as though nothing offensive had been said.  They weren’t spoken out of the side […]

Heard on the Net: “Gay Day” at Disney

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Recently I stumbled upon a parenting debate about whether or not parents would take their children to “Gay Day” at Disney World. Although “Gay Day” isn’t an officially sponsored event, it is an organized one. In case you’re not familiar with it, one day out of the year gay couples, with or without children, go […]

Georgia school has 1st integrated prom, no word on “coloreds only” cafeteria

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In a shocking leap into the 20th century, Turner County High School in Ashburn, Georgia just held its first integrated prom. Previously, despite the school itself being integrated, white students raised funds to hold their own private party prompting black students to do the same. This was the first year that senior class officers moved […]