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Worst city in U.S. to get around and navigate

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Just got back from a family vacay in Dallas. Why Dallas, you ask? Because I have some family there. Little did I know that the Republic of Texas’ totally messed up beyond recognition highway and frontage road system can tear families apart. We went in August, with temperatures reaching somewhere between instant disintegration and purgatory. […]

Making each sibling feel special on vacation

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Children thrive on routine. Their attention spans are slim but their zest for new encounters can make them perfect travel companions if you foresee possible melt downs before they happen. Traveling can be stressful for grown ups, so it’s no wonder that it pushes children’s patience and limits too. The excitement of getting from one […]

The Vomitcation

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A few weeks ago, my husband, son and I all went on a long-weekend vacation together. Something we had looked forward to for months, we anticipated a lovely weekend of napping, swimming in the lake, eating out in Wisconsin’s finest dining establishments, drinking some great beer and watching movies. Or at least some small combination […]