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Prescott Carlson is the editor and co-creator of The Imperfect Parent. Prescott has a vague mistrust of robots.

Sponsored Post: Five Must Have Inventions for Modern Families

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As I was sitting with a netbook in the middle of the park getting some work done while my younger son had his flag football practice, I looked up at some point and reflected for a moment how much things have changed in the 10 20 30 years since my own mom was shuttling me […]

How do I look?

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“How do I look?” The question took me by surprise, as I think it may be the first time my son has asked it in his 12 years on the planet. But there he was, caring about his appearance as he was about to embark on a new school year. I should have seen it […]

Merry Christmas, I hate you

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Because nothing says Happy Holidays like thinly veiled hostility and aggression:

Mom tweets about son’s drowning, claws come out

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Yesterday, at around 6:12 p.m. EST, Twitter user Shellie Ross (@Military_Mom) posted an ominous tweet: Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool Several hours later, she posted a link to a picture “remembering [her] million dollar baby,” indicating that her beautiful son, Bryson Drago Ross, had drowned. An immediate […]

Hey, Apple!

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You know what’s more annoying than the Annoying Orange? Having your kids play the Annoying Orange on their computer in a continuous loop! If you’ve never seen this before, be sure they’re out of the room before watching so you don’t find yourself in the same predicament.

Does parenting make you dumb or just ignorant?

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Aaron Traister at argues for the former: After 14 uninterrupted hours of childcare, making the transition from Diego and diaper cream to Jim Lehrer and Paul Krugman is an exhausting prospect. If I ever muster the energy to investigate what is going on in the world outside the baby bunker, I find it impossible […]

TLC: “Learning is for pussies”

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The E! show The Soup revealed a promo for a new show coming up on TLC, a.k.a the Trainwreck Lives Channel, that combines all your favorite elements from their other popular shows. Take a look:

5 things I’ll never tweet about

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The status of my pubic hair, or lack thereof What I did last summer how incredbly drunk im am My application of quantum field theory in a static black hole background Kittens

Monday Flashback: Monchhichi

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Am I the only one that misses Madison Ave. using honest-to-god jingles to pitch crap to children? They don’t make them like they used to:

NotBlogHer ’09 recap — with pics!

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Last year’s NotBlogHer conference was so much fun I decided to put on another one. This year, it took extra planning and effort not to attend BlogHer since it was in my home town of Chicago. There were a couple of hiccups along the way but overall it was a great success in that I […]