Alicia Silverstone’s vegan toddler looks hungry


Alicia Silverstone, another celebrity mommy advice quack. Photo via “The Kind Mama.”

File this under bat shit crazy.

Vegan actress, known for her role as ditsy, popular girl in “Clueless” back in 1995 doesn’t have much going on these days, so she clearly needs a shtick to keep her relevant. As much as we’d like our has-been celebrities to be known for science based medicine, that’s kind of uninteresting among all the Jenny McCarthys of the world.

Lucky for us, Silverstone, who is most recently known for the way she feeds her 2-year-old son, Bear Blu — chewing up his food and then transferring it to his mouth like a baby bird, has a new parenting advice book out. Apparently, Silverstone must not think Gweneth Paltrow is out of touch enough so she has to try her own hand at being completely unrealistic, offensive and uninformed. Next thing we know, Silverstone will be getting divorced too because any sane person would surely crush under this amount of navel gazing stupidity.

And in case you need parenting advice from someone who’s credentials are that she graduated from San Mateo High School in California, Silverstone’s new book,¬†The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning, has all sorts of bat shit crazy advice¬†for you. (We would love to see what the first working title was called.)


Oh, and here’s the first red flag, from the Amazon description, Silverstone calls her uterus a “baby house” and cites “holistic health counselors” as experts. Foods Silverstone deems as “kind foods” are vegan foods like vegetables and fruits which she claims can eliminate the need for any medicine, ever. She also claims that any foods outside her strict “kind” regimen, causes the body to be unbalanced and causes women to be depressed. She also claims that tampons are unkind and you shouldn’t wear ’em cuz they contain chemicals or GMOs or something, preventing you from producing the perfect human specimen, which apparently she’s managed to push through her squeaky clean vagina. She’s also anti vaccine and thinks that potty training works best when tots are allowed to poop in your backyard, like a dog. What a shock.

Among Silverstone’s other bat shit crazy conspiracy theories are that disposable diapers are part of multi billion dollar industry of lies selling you “pseudoscience”. (Never mind that her claims have not been properly scrutinized in peer review journals, nor are they evidence based. Calling your conspiracies science doesn’t make them so. There is a process to all this, it’s called the scientific method. Look it up.)

But the real tragedy in all this misguided advice is that her toddler son gets to be raised on the premise of woo and belief systems rather than evidence. Silverstone is proud of the fact that her baby eats Miso Soup for breakfast even when a 2-year-old typically needs between 1,000 and 1,400 calories a day on average, according to Average calories of a cup of Miso Soup? 84.

And is it just us, or does her kid look really hungry?

Bear Blu likely saying, "Mama! I want to eat that chicken!" Photo via The Kind Life.

Bear Blu likely saying, “Mama! I want to eat that chicken!” Photo via The Kind Life.


"Mama, is there food in those ovens?" Photo via The Kind Life.

“Mama, is there food in those ovens?” Photo via The Kind Life.


Bear Blu left. "Mama, look how skinny I am. Can I have some food?"

Bear Blu left. “Mama, look how skinny I am. Can I have some food?”


Bear Blu running away. "No Mama, I don't need another vegan cleanse!"

Bear Blu running away. “No Mama, I don’t need another vegan cleanse!”