Doin’ the butt

Well now. How did your little (or big) butt adventure go?

Today’s challenge (#28) will give you a little breather, but challenges like this are just as important as actually doing some sort of sexual act. Plus, you can get some much information from savvy sexy bloggers (and tweeters).

So start compiling your lists, add some blogs to your readers, and follow some new tweeters! And make sure you let me know about your blog and twitter handle (if I don’t follow you!).

Also, don’t miss the Mominatrix podcast today. We’ve got a special guest from Eden Fantasys on discussing girl (and boy) watching. Do you get jealous if your spouse checks out other people? Or do you just join in on the fun? You can chat and listen live at 10:30am EST or download the archives via iTunes.


Okay so Challenge #29 (woohoo!): Mutuality & Reciprocity

There’s always a time and place for performing something on or for your partner without asking for anything in return. But not for this challenge. I want you to perform an act on each other at the same time, or in succession.

You can figure out who gets to go first, or what you get to do to each other, but dual pleasure can be extremely satisfying for both parties – in fact, it can really enhance your own experience if you’re giving pleasure to someone else while you’re getting it.

So go forth! And know that we’ve only got ONE DAY LEFT. We’re going to have some super duper fun on Sunday. So get ready!

Also, a bunch of awesome people have been doing giveaways of the Mominatrix book, so if you’re looking to win it (or too cheap to buy it – ha!), you can find it at Momma Said¬†and the Rookie Moms are giving away the book along with a few other goodies. And keep in mind, Valentine’s Day is coming up!