Accentuate the positive

Thanks to a good stomach day and a fantastic dressing room mirror at Macys, I bought myself the first bikini I’ve worn in over five years in honor of Challenge #15.

And even the one back then was sort of a fluke. I’d just come off an elimination diet with my first kid and so I was skinny from only eating four foods every day for longer than I care to remember.

But this time, I’ve been shredding my ass off and eating healthy.

Today for Challenge #16 you get to try new sex position. Now I realize that some of you overachievers have tried all the sex positions possible, but you’re going to have to get pretty creative. I’m still waiting to see some suggestions in the comments.


And where are all your posts?

(Okay, so I have them stored up in my email box, but feel free to leave them in the comments!)

Now onto Challenge #17: Tweak Your Technique

I was going to call this one “Buy a sex book” but I figured that would be too blatantly self-promotional. And quite frankly, The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex is not a sex technique book. It’ll give you some tips and tricks, but it’s not going to tell you how to make your hand jobs out of this world.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about buying a sex book to help. The sexuality section in your local bookstore is actually pretty fun. And while I’m all for online ordering, for these types of books, I actually would like to page through to get a sense of what I’m getting before I purchase.

So for tomorrow, take some time to find a book, website, or movie (ahem) that helps you tweak your technique – whatever that might be – better oral? anal? sex? orgasm? masturbation?

After awhile, your old tricks can get a bit boring, and I’ve found personally that after a few kids, my old tricks don’t really work too well anymore. So now’s a great time to change things up.

Feel free to practice on your partner (or yourself).

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Okay, so while my book isn’t a technique book, I can still give it away, right?.

To enter:

1. Just leave one trick that might help us all tweak our technique by Sunday 1/17/10 12pm EST.

2. For an extra entry, tweet this post. (Leave your tweet link in the comments). Make sure you include @mominatrix (hashtags: #sexualresolution and/or #mominatrix are optional).

3. For another entry, Facebook this post. (Leave your Facebook link in the comments). If you’re not a Mominatrix fan on Facebook yet, join up!

One entry per person (one comment, one tweet, one Facebook). The winner gets a signed copy of “The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex.”