A tight squeeze

Okay, I admit. I had a little fun with Challenge #11 yesterday. But I’ll tell you what. After nearly peeing myself during kickboxing class, I have been definitely Kegeling way more than I ever have, especially when I’m working out and during the 30 Day Shred jumping jacks.

I will say that tweeting about the Kegels did, in fact, remind me to do them. So much so that I was inspired to create the Kegel Fairy to help spread the love of Kegels everywhere.

Go look. You’ll get a giggle.

I hope you’re ready for Challenge #12. I admit that I was hoping for a few more sext messages in the comments, so maybe you’ll leave them for me today?


We’re getting wet (hopefully in more ways than one – ahem) for Challenge #13: Shower Together.

Now I realize that this might exclude our single ladies, so if that’s the case, bring a sex toy with you in the shower and take an extra long one on the Mominatrix today.

I know that showering together can be sort of a pain in the ass (and not a good one), particularly if you have a small shower, but being naked in the light with your spouse can be pretty sexy.

Okay, a lot sexy.

I’ll leave what happens after you clean off up to you.

We’re almost halfway done, folks! Make sure you update your blog with your progress, email the link to mominatrixbook[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll post a round-up on the 15th. Plus, you’ll be entered in the Grand Prize Giveaway courtesy of Eden Fantasys.