I think I’m going bald

I decided to combine Challenge #6 with my half-marathon training so now I have sexy workout songs. Seems like a perfect pairing, huh?

Now onto today’s Challenge #7: Hair Care Down There. I admit. I got a little head start on this.

Sorry, no pictures to share, but let’s just say I’m ready for Operation Bikini.

I’m curious to know how your crotch couture turned out. Feel free to send any pictures or video to Whipping Boy. Apparently he’s working on a research project or something.



Since we’re talking with a lingerie expert on today’s Morning Sex with Mominatrix podcast, I figured it would be fun to make Challenge #8: Get Fitted for a Bra.

Or clean out your bra drawer. Or throw that nasty thing out you call a “bra.”

Get my drift?

Now if you’re nursing (which I still am, but not enough to really warrant wearing a nursing bra), then you should know that there are TONS of sexy nursing bras out there. My favorites include HOTMilk, Bella Materna (for the larger breasted mamas), and Isabella Oliver.

Not cheap, my friends. Not cheap. But pretty.

However, just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice regular bra. I realized this halfway through nursing my second (SECOND!) kid when I went out for a date night and asked myself why the hell was I wearing a nursing bra.

If you’re not nursing, then what’s your damn excuse? Get a good bra. Or at least go through your bra drawer and figure out what you actually wear (and what actually fits you), and what you need to get rid of.

There is no reason to wear an ugly bra. And I swear on my own sexy bras that wearing a pretty one will make you feel 10x better about yourself.

And it even makes you feel thinner – which hello! Is always a plus.

Apparently Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual sale right now, so if you need a quick cheapie, that’s always an option. Do ask them to measure you though. It’s worth the 3 seconds that it takes to find out.

If you’ve got more time (and money), go to a specialty lingerie shop. It will seriously change your life.

So if you want special tips about bra shopping (because size does matter!), then listen to the Mominatrix podcast (Live 10:30am EST or the archives after the show). Got a favorite brand, tip, something to help us moms with deflated boobs (thanks breastfeeding. Thanks a lot). Share! And stay tuned. We’ve got lots of fun challenges (plus another giveaway) coming up!

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