When the family dog attacks!

So, one minute Fluffy is playing catch and pawing you for a pat on the head and the next minute he’s literally biting someones head off. At least that’s what happened to a 9 year old Colorado boy. It’s a case of  “a boy and his dog” gone horribly wrong as a family pet of 7 years attacks a child member of his family completely out of the blue.

The moral of this story? Dogs are animals – animals that still instinctively hunt and kill prey and sometimes have mental issues and imbalances. You can never fully trust a dog. (There, I said it and I’m a dog person so don’t get all freaky and dramatic on me.)

The mother of the boy urges families with dogs larger than 20 lbs. to get rid of their pet. I think that might be a knee jerk reaction, but I do think it’s wise not to underestimate even the most gentle of family pets. Animals, even the most cared for and mild mannered family pets can turn on a dime. Don’t ever think that you know your dog so well that you trust him with your children and can predict all of their behavior. As parents, it’s our responsibility not to allow big dogs (or even little ones for that matter) alone with children, without any supervision.

Sound like a pain when you know your dog wouldn’t do that? Think it could never happen to you? Read the following news story from 9NEWS and think again:


The dog, a black Labrador Retriever named Gordie, had been with the family for seven years and never had any problems with other people or kids, according to Amanda Jolliff, the boy’s mother.

According to Jolliff, her son, Josh, was playing outside when he heard Gordie whining while chained up.

Josh went over to pet Gordie and the dog attacked, biting the right side of his head, left shoulder and left hand, Jolliff says.

“Josh has thousands of stitches to his head, I would say,” said Jolliff. “His scalp was hanging on by the skin around his ear on the right side.”

According to the family, the attack was unprovoked. The family was able to intervene and separate the dog from the boy, and the dog ran away from the area.

“Just the night before, Josh and Gordie had slept together,” said Jolliff.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind – nothing, and I mean nothing, will make a dog turn ugly and mean like chaining him up outside. When will people ever learn? Dogs were not meant to be chained up! They don’t like it. Really. They don’t.