Woman who survives 10,000 ft. skydiving accident was pregnant

Apparently, Shayna West, who dove face first into a parking lot at 50 mph when her parachute failed to open after a skydiving jump, was unaware that she was pregnant at the time. Miraculously enough, the 7lb. 13 oz. bruiser was none the wiser.

Of course, he had only been a teeny guy on this earth, and protected in Mom’s womb on Oct. 9, when Shayna Richardson of Joplin “eggshelled” her face, slamming into the earth in a skydiving accident in Siloam Springs, Ark.

The most amazing part of this story is, that this chick wants to jump again! (I think she must have suffered brain damage too!)

Despite her ordeal, Shayna West says she’s been extremely lucky in the care she’s been given. A skydiving friend, Dr. Steve Garcia of Fayetteville, Ark., made the dental partials she’s been wearing, charging her nothing. Dr. Alan Meltzer, a Voorhees, N.J., periodontist, will begin her dental implant surgery in October — also free. “He found me in one of the magazines I was in,” Shayna said. “He does cosmetic dental work on celebrities.” After the accident, doctors put 15 metal plates in her face.


Along with her facial injuries, the 2002 Ash Grove High School graduate fractured her fibula and her pelvis in two places. She says she still needs plastic surgery under her eyes and laser scar surgery “to look like I used to,” but doesn’t have the money for that yet.

And will she skydive again, after all she’s been through? The answer is the same as it was when she talked to the News-Leader in December:

You bet.

“My doctor told me that six weeks after my baby is born I can jump again. I’m going to do a tandem jump (jumping with another skydiver) just to get my feet back on the ground … . I’m not afraid of going back. I’ll do my tandem, then I’ll be all right.”

But her tandem partner won’t be husband Rick, also an experienced jumper. “We both agreed not to have Mommy and Daddy strapped into one parachute.”