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Toddler who urinated on busy Hong Kong street causes firestorm

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The parents of a 2-year-old toddler boy who allowed their child to urinate on a busy Hong Kong street defended their decision after two local Hong Kongers confronted them. The incident caused  the visiting couple and two male locals to get into a scuffle. The men, along with some local Hong Kongers, felt the act […]

Toddler’s lawyering skills will blow your mind (video)

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In the following home video, a 3-year-old boy shows us his mad used car salesman skills as he tries to convince his mom to side with him on just about every subject under the sun. The pint sized tot is now a You Tube sensation, as he pleads his case with such intensity, his exasperation […]

Precious toddler bestows the virtues of vegetarianism on his mother (video)

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A video of a 3-year-old toddler, who is apparently mature-beyond-his-years, has a heart to heart discussion with his mother about animal cruelty and his preference to not eat animals in a viral video his mother posted about two weeks ago. The Portuguese speaking tot (video translated into English), actually brings tears to his mother’s eyes […]

Toddler falls asleep while driving mini jeep (video)

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An  adorable toddler is so overwhelmed and entranced by his new toy mini jeep, all the excitement renders the little guy thoroughly exhausted and pooped. The toddler’s father catches his sleepy son’s effort to stay awake at the wheel on camera. In the following video, we see Jonah driving around in circles while falling asleep, […]

Toddler tells dad, 'worry about yourself' (video)

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So gosh-darn cute! A toddler puts her dad in his place after he offers her help buckle up her car seat. The precocious tot responds in such a way, it can only bring smiles and laughter to her father as he is ordered to “drive!” and “worry about yourself!” The youngster, August Rose, is the subject of […]

TIME magazine photo of Boston Bombing tot goes viral

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The cover of TIME magazine’s May 2013 digital edition, covering the Boston Marathon bombing, has drawn criticism and analysis from other media sources such as the Christian Science Monitor and the Huffington Post on Thursday. The cover shows a toddler boy, frightened, crying and bloody with the headline, “Tragedy in Boston.” The cover photo is for TIME’s May […]

Toddler dubbed 'bedtime bandit' after he executes theft (video)

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A toddler boy dubbed the “bedtime bandit”, used an innovative way to break into his sister’s room and steal her prized possession — a bunny pillow pet. The resourceful baby used a nail clipper to break into his sister’s room. The little guy’s parents captured video of the tot carefully engineering and executing his plan […]

Mom gives toddler bong to smoke pot (video)

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A video of a mother allegedly holding up a bong filled with marijuana, has gone viral, catching the attention the Centralia, Wash. Police Department last week who were granted a warrant to search the mother’s home after viewing the video. The cell phone video shows the mother, Rachelle L. Braaten, 24, holding a bong up […]

Pa. mom charged for allowing toddler to pump gas

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A Lancaster, Pa. mother who allowed her 3-year-old son to pump gas at a grocery store gas station on Jan. 19, subsequently spilling fuel on himself, has been caught and charged say Manheim Township Police on Tuesday. Police say they responded to a call from a witness last month who reported a woman for allowing […]

Australian mother surprised tot's egg stash hatched venomous snakes

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A 3-year-old toddler in Townsville in Queensland state, Australia, gave his mother, Donna Sim, quite a scare on Monday when she looked inside the boy’s closet and found seven deadly, squirming snakes. The curious toddler, Kyle Cummings, apparently found nine eggs in his backyard and put them inside a take-out container. Kyle then put the […]

Eagle tries to fly off with baby (video)

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The Eagle has landed and as it turns out, the Eagle is a big, fat jerk. A video from Tuesday shows that eagles are not to be trusted around human children. Too bad my grandmother isn’t alive today to see herself vindicated in all her hysterical warnings. As a small child, growing up in the heart of […]

California man attacks father and toddler with machete

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A California man is behind bars today after police say he attacked a 24-year old man and his 2-year-old daughter on Wednesday with a a machete. James Norman reportedly went to the victim’s house to collect his belongings after staying with the victim. That’s when Norman apparently got into an argument with the victim and […]

Missing toddler found dead in grandmother's closet

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Zyia Roch-Quelle Alyssa Turner, a 17-month-old girl reported missing Friday night, was found dead just hours later at 1:00am Saturday. Her body was laying under some clothes and other items including a metal box in her grandmother’s closet. Sergeant Allen Quinn said that Zyia, her two siblings, and several cousins were being watched at their paternal grandmother’s […]

Baby killed by family dog at his first birthday party

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Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan’s first birthday ended in a horrific tragedy when the family’s 120-pound mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix, Onion, mauled the baby and killed him. Around 10 p.m. on Friday, just before the baby was about to be put to bed, he crawled over to pet the 6-year-old dog that he had happily played with all day while […]

Mother leaves toddler in hot car, downs 4 margaritas at the bar

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A Dallas mother was arrested on charges of child abandonment and child endangerment on Thursday after she allegedly left her 2-year-old son in a hot car while she went in a bar to have margaritas. According to police, Jessica Christian arrived at Tejano Restaurant in Oak Cliff around noon and left the toddler alone in […]

Video captures woman brawling on college campus while holding toddler

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A video that shows a brawl between students at a community college campus near St. Louis — including a woman holding a toddler — has gone viral. The brawl started Monday at the St. Louis Community College at Meramec when one woman holding her young daughter got into an argument with another woman, according to […]

2-year-old kickin' it to 'Jailhouse Rock'

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Boy jives and dances to ElvisHard to believe the tot’s only 2. The description claims the toddler, William Stokkebroe, watched his parents and others practice dancing, then he got out on the dance floor and did his ‘thang’. Either there’s an unprecedented amount of dancing going on at the Stokkebroe house or this kid’s a […]

Family faces eviction over two-year-old's crying

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Neighbours have complained that it sounds like an ‘over-revving motorcycle’A family in Worcestershire, UK, have been warned that they face eviction – if they can’t stop their two-year-old daughter from crying. Nicola Baylis, 23, and Tim Richold, 34, moved into their first-floor flat in December 2010, with their daughter Skye. They have now been issues […]

Former day care worker convicted of murdering toddler requests new trial

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Melissa Calusinski, who was convicted on November 16 for the killing of a toddler at a  day care center in Lincolnshire, Illinois, has requested a new trial, claiming that she was falsely accused. She is comparing her case to another Lake County murder conviction that has been overturned by an appellate court. On November 16th, the jury found Calusinski, 25, […]

Toddler in stable condition after scalding himself with pot of coffee

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Toddler knocks coffee pot off counter, suffers 2nd degree burnsA 13 month old Florida boy was reported by his mother to have pulled a newly made, full pot of coffee onto himself, resulting in multiple 2nd degree burns. Fire Rescue crews in Marion County, FL were sent to the home after the boy’s mother called […]

Toddler undergoes multiple surgeries after swallowing lithium battery

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A 17 month old toddler from Deer Isle Maine is about to embark on his 5th surgery to keep his esophagus from closing after he swallowed a lithium battery back in May. Seventeen month old Kacen Pedrucci made several trips to the emergency room after he spiked a high fever and started vomiting. Doctors assumed […]

Chinese Toddler Caught After 10-Storey Fall

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A two-year-old girl has survived a 10-storey fall after being caught by a passer-byWu Juping was given a shock on Saturday evening when she spotted two-year-old Zhang Fangyu, known as Niu Niu, dangling from the window of her tenth storey apartment. Eyewitnesses described Wu as immediately kicking off her shoes and running to catch the […]

2 year old travels 28km on his own

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A toddler has managed to travel 28km (24 miles) on a bus on his own, until the bus driver realised he was unaccompanied. It is believed that the boy, dressed in a nappy and pyjamas, managed to board the bus quietly and seated himself on the back seat. It was only when the bus reached […]

Institute of Medicine says childhood obesity prevention needs to start after birth

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According to the Institute of Medicine, almost one in ten infants and toddlers under the age of 2 are overweight and one in five children between ages of 2 and 5 are overweight or obese leading the IOM to advise that childhood obesity prevention should start after birth. Leann Birch, who served as the chair on the IOM committee, […]

Police find syringes and heroin in and around a toddler's crib

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Police arrested two parents in Grayslake, Illinois after allegedly finding several hypodermic needles, baggies filled with heroin, and other drug-related items in and around a toddler’s crib. Officers went to the apartment on June 7 to attempt to serve Jason Tomblin, 27, with a Lake County Warrant, but ended up arresting Tomblin and Ashley Merz, 23. While arresting Tomblin, the officers […]