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Caught: Teens who allegedly threw cinder blocks onto cars from overpass

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Two Creswell, Oregon, teenage boys, ages 16 and 17, were caught on Monday after they allegedly threw cinder blocks over an overpass this weekend, according to a Fox 12 News report on Tuesday. The incident happened around 4:30 AM on Sunday morning. One vehicle was struck with the cinder block while driving along I-5. One […]

Father shoots, kills teen who was allegedly fooling around with daughter

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A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in Houston on Thursday after he caught the teen in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom. According to Your Houston News, the teen was found around 2 AM, hiding underneath his teenage daughter’s bed. The girl’s father reportedly entered the girl’s room upon hearing noises. Police are still investigating but […]

Teen charged: Spiked cafeteria pasta with hot sauce

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A Highland Park, Illinois, teen was charged with five counts of misdemeanor battery after a student suffered a reaction from pasta he consumed from the high school school cafeteria. The 17-year-old prankster’s name has been withheld because he is being charged as a minor. The prankster reportedly admitted to police this week that he spiked […]

Teen loses arm performing community service

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A Virginia teen was the victim of a freak accident while he was working off a community service sentence that was handed down to him after he was caught with stolen property. While halfway through his community service commitment, Clint Amaya had his arm cut off by an auger used to dig holes for fences. […]

Teen helps police catch burglary suspect

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A 13-year-old girl, home alone and hiding in the shower, was brave enough to stare a burglar in the face and help police catch him. Sophie Castaneda was home alone in her Stockton, Calif. home when Lataurean Conway, 31, broke into the house.  Castaneda hid in the shower while the Conway burglarized the home.  Conway […]

Teens trying new, dangerous drug called 'Molly'

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A tiny little pill has started to surface at high school parties throughout the U.S., posing a huge threat to teens who can easily pop the pill without much thought. The pill known at party scenes as “Molly” (also known as the compressed powder form of MDMA) is being billed as a completely pure drug, […]

Over half of US teens admit to texting while driving

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High school seniors admit to sending a text while behind the wheelThe Center for Disease Control have released results of a survey conducted last year, questioning teens on their risky habits, and one of the questions provided some shocking answers. A survey conducted last year in the United States has found that over half of […]

Girl, 13, allegedly hires two friends to help kill her mother

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Police arrested three Hesperia, California, Ranchero Middle School students after they allegedly attempted to kill the mother of one of the teens. Police responded after a call from the mother after she had been attacked in her bed on Tuesday morning and found her 13-year-old daughter to be missing from the home. According to authorities, […]

Teen survives 28 days at sea, forced to dump boat-mates bodies overboard

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A Panamanian teenager, 18, survived a harrowing 28 days at sea which brutally took the lives of his two friends and boat-mates. Adrian Vasquez set out to sea with his two friends on a fishing trip February 24th. The trio sailed out on a 10-foot fishing boat when the boat’s motor apparently stopped working, leaving […]

Arkansas teen accidently sends prank text to police detective

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Teen randomly texted message about dead body, winds up sending it to police Note to all texting pranksters: be certain of who you are texting before you hit send. Or at least be sure you aren’t messaging anyone in law enforcement. One Arkansas teen learned the perils of random texting the hard way when she […]

Teen gets driver's license revoked for life

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Some lawmakers say the penalty imposed on 17-year-old Lyle Topa too stiffLyle Topa won’t be behind the wheel of a car any time soon. After wrecking his car into a tree last October, the 17-year-old Rhode Island native was sentenced to the most severe driving penalty his state could impose: a lifetime ban from having […]

More teens working to help support families

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  CBS news reports that the unemployment rate in California is currently 11.1 percent. The lagging economy has put stress on many household budgets, and teens in record numbers are looking for work to contribute to the family. Sacramento based SETA, a organization that helps young people find work, reports that the number of teenagers […]

Teen posts prank Craigslist ad offering free baby

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Mississippi authorities not amused as teen could face chargesA teen from Clinton, Miss. who posted a Craigslist ad offering to give away an infant could be in a lot trouble with police. The 18-year-old high school senior created the post to play a practical joke on a fellow student at Clinton High, using the friend’s […]

The next generation of geniuses visit the White House

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Just when you were beginning to wonder if there was hope for our future, along come some kids who are clearly trying to be part of the solution. Some of the smartest kids in the country were invited to the White House to show off their inventions recently. The “”science fair” of sorts was set […]

17-year-old on McNugget diet rushed to hospital

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The UK Mail is reporting that 17-year-old Stacey Irvine was recently rushed to the hospital for breathing problems. Doctors diagnosed her with massive vitamin deficiencies (anemia) and an inflamed tongue. They were shocked when Stacey reported that she has eaten little else besides chicken nuggets since the age of two. McDonald’s are her favorite, but […]

Utah tweens hailed as heroes: Saved woman whose pants were on fire

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Utah boys save woman’s life after she caught on fireA woman who’s leg caught on fire in a Walmart parking lot in South Jordan, Utah has four young boys to thank for potentially saving her life. The four boys, ages 12 and 13, spotted the woman in distress, who appeared to be on fire, and […]

Texas teens find a 'new' high – The Choking Game

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According to a study conducted by the Crime Victims Institute at Sam Houston State University, an alarming number of college students are participating in the Fainting Game (also known a space monkey and choking game),  a dangerous practice that refers to deliberate strangulation, with the intention of inducing a temporary euphoria. Dr. Glen Kercher, director […]

Long-term depression common in bullying victims

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What has long been suspected has been given official credence. Experts at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law agreed that children who suffer bullying – whether at school or on the Internet – are more prone to long spells of depression and suicidal thoughts.  Dysthymia, or long-term depression (LTD), is characterized […]

Teen Mom Leah Messer pregnant again

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Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.  From the onset of the second season of 16 and Pregnant, most of the controversial show’s loyal watchers knew that Leah Messer’s story would continue to be played out if a second season of Teen Mom were created. And it […]

McQueary testimony: 'Some type of intercourse' occurred

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Sandusky attorney claims hygiene defenseAssistant Penn State football coach Mike McQueary provided some damaging testimony in Friday’s hearing of accused molester Jerry Sandusky. The purpose of Friday’s hearing is to determine whether Tim Curly and former VP of finance Gary Shultz were informed of the alleged abuse. The assistant coach reportedly told head coach Joe Paterno of the incident […]

Paula told Nicole to vote popular kid act off X-Factor

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Recording proves that Paula advised Nicole to send Rachel Crowe home.When Rachel Crowe was voted off The X-Factor last week, very few were more shocked than Nicole Scherzinger, even though she was the one who voted her off. Scherzinger was the last of the three judges to cast her vote, with Simon and Paula voting […]

Irvine church discipline: Paul Kim charged with beating teen

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Police say one inch metal pole used for child discipline in church related beatingAn Irvine couple, who thought their teenage son might be smoking, gave a fellow church member permission to beat him, according to police. Paul Kim, 39 has been charged with a felony in relation to the incident. On Monday, the school reported that […]

Obama administration blocks OTC Plan-B pill

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First time in history that government has overruled FDA, sparks controversyIn a move that has shocked women’s advocates, doctors groups and the presidents base of voters, top officials in the Obama administration have blocked plans to allow the morning after pill to be sold on store shelves. Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, halted […]

Jerry Sandusky: In his own words

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Former defensive coordinator claims he never spoke with Joe Paterno about abuse Breaking News: Assistant coach testifies to seeing abuse in shower. In the 30 years that Jerry Sandusky worked with Joe Paterno, “I never talked to him about either one,” Sandusky said. “That’s all I can say. I mean, I don’t know.” Sandusky is […]

It's Just a Plant: Children's book on Marijuana

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Hardcover version is likely to revive debateFrom the illustrator of the parody children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep, comes the hardcover version of another controversial title, It’s Just a Plant: a children’s story of marijuana. While some reviewers have called the book “an outrage”, others feel the book is “a much, much better idea than it […]