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NYC video surveillance captures pit bull attack on youngster

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Video surveillance captured a horrifying scene on Sunday when a young girl, 6-years-old, was viciously attacked by a pit bull without any provocation. The unidentified girl was walking with her grandmother in the Bronx neighborhood in NYC, when a pit bull made a beeline for the girl and started whipping her around while clutching her in […]

Pit bulls attack and kill 14-month-old Milwaukee boy

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A 14-month old Walworth, Wisc. boy is dead on Thursday after he was attacked by a pair of pit bull dogs at his babysitter’s apartment. The boy’s babysitter, Susan Iwicki, 30, called police to report that she and the youngster, Dax, were being attacked by two pit bulls belonging to Iwicki. The attack occurred around […]

Two pit bull attacks leave youngster dead, toddler critical

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A Willis, Texas, toddler is in critical condition after he was mauled by a pit bull his family had chained up outside. The dog apparently attacked the boy in his yard while his mother went inside for a quick glass of water. When she returned, a pit bull was attacking her baby, biting him in […]

Pit bull viciously attacks deaf woman and tries to eat her

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A 59-year-old deaf woman was brutally mauled by a pit bull on Saturday while walking down the street on her way to a friend’s house. Shirley Sturgeon, who lives at the adult care home Breckinridge Manor due to her special needs, was unable to hear the dog approaching her or even scream for help during […]

Boy mauled by pit bull mix, owner appealing euthanization decision

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The parents of a 10-year-old boy who was viciously attacked by their neighbor’s pit bull mix dog are furious over the dog owner’s decision to appeal the dog’s pending euthanasia. The boy, Brian Ozenne, was running towards his Bloomfield, Connecticut home on June 17 when the neighbor’s dog named Dutch, ran after the boy, severely […]

8-month-old boy killed by family dog in 'one swift bite'

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A mother in Lemon Grove, California, is grieving the loss of her 8-month-old son after what has been described as a “tragic accident” involving a dog that shared the home and was considered part of the boy’s family. The mother, who spoke to UT San Diego on the promise that her name would not be […]

Pit bulls maul to death 8-month-old boy

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An 8-month-old baby boy was mauled to death on Thursday in his Chula Vista home. Police say they responded to a call about dogs attacking a baby and arrived to the home to find a woman holding a severely injured baby. The baby was taken to a nearby children’s hospital where he was pronounced dead […]

Pit bull kills dog at soccer game while it's horrified owner, 9, held the leash

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A Roswell, New Mexico, family has been traumatized after a pit bull viciously attacked and killed their pet dog, Princess, while its 9-year-old owner held her leash. The attack happened at a children’s soccer game and was witnessed by many young children and families.  One girl reportedly held onto her dog while Princess, a Pomeranian, was […]

Woman tosses puppy from balcony and laughs

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Jamille Marshall, 22, of Chicago threw a puppy off of her third-floor balcony on Monday, May 7 and then proceeded to laugh at arresting officers. The Chicago woman told police that she and a friend had found the yellow pitbull mix puppy on her balcony around 9:30 in the morning. According to Harrison District Police […]

Missing 4-yr-old's body found, may have been killed by dogs

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Youngster’s body found after an overnight search, family friend said he was killed by pit bullThe body of a 4-year-old Victoria, Texas boy was reported missing on Sunday afternoon from his front yard has been found this morning.  The youngster, Klyar Johnson, reportedly wandered off while his father was cleaning out his car. Police were […]

Grandmother speaks out after being attacked by two pit bulls

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Witnesses threw Bibles at the dogsJune O’Hara, 77-years-old, was viciously attacked just outside her home in northern Texas by two pit bulls last week. O’Hara was hospitalized and suffered from bite, gash, and puncture wounds. Part of her scalp had to be reattached after the attack. Animal control officers picked up the dogs, which were later destroyed. […]

Connecticut toddler killed by family pit bulls

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In West Haven, Connecticut, NBC News is reporting that a 20-month-old toddler has been killed in an attack by as many as three pit bulls. The toddler was visiting her aunt’s apartment at the time. Police were called to the scene that evening and told the girl had been bitten by a dog. She was […]

Pregnant woman killed by her pet pit bull

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A pregnant woman was mauled to death by her pet pit bull in her home in Pacifica, California. Police Captain Dave Bertini reports that the body of Darla Napora, 32, was found by her husband around noon with a pit bull, one of the family dogs, standing over her. The husband was able to get the pit bull outside before […]

Mom uses butter knife to save daughter from pit bulls

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A mother in Duncan, South Carolina, found herself with only a butter knife to defend her daughter and family pet from two pit bulls that had attacked them. Chanda Davis was in her backyard with her 2-year-old daughter and English bulldog when she says two pit bulls came out of nowhere and tried to attack […]

Pit Bull has history of attacking children; police say they can't do anything about it

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A tan pit bull in a Shelbyville, TN neighborhood has a history of aggression, especially towards children, but police say there is little they can do. Back in October, the pit bull mauled an 8 year old child, taking a large chunk out of the child’s cheek and requiring upwards of 87 stitches. At the […]

10 day old newborn killed by family pit bull

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A newborn baby in Kalamazoo, Michigan is the latest victim of a pit bull attack. The baby was mauled to death by his family’s pit bull terrier. At home at the time of his attack was his 2 year old brother and his mother who was reportedly sleeping at the same time. The Chicago Tribune […]

Toddler in critical condition after being mauled by pit bulls

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A two year old boy in North Carolina is in critical condition after being mauled by his Grandmother’s 4 pit bulls. The baby was saved by a good Samaritan and service station owner, when a man pulled into his gas station telling him a baby was being attacked by dogs. The service station owner got […]

Baby killed by pit bull

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A 4 day old newborn baby was attacked and killed by his family pit bull. The infant newborn has subsequently died. The mother of the Jacksonville newborn says she only left the baby alone for a few seconds, as reported by WALB News Channel 10. Their neighbor also own a pit bull and explained to […]

Growing list of toddlers killed by pit bulls

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MT has added a Pit Bull category because there are just too many pit bull related deaths amongst small children. It’s an epidemic. A family pet has killed a 2-year-old San Bernardino boy whose parents briefly left him alone as he rode his tricycle in their enclosed side yard. Nathan Aguirre died Friday at Loma […]