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17-year-old on McNugget diet rushed to hospital

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The UK Mail is reporting that 17-year-old Stacey Irvine was recently rushed to the hospital for breathing problems. Doctors diagnosed her with massive vitamin deficiencies (anemia) and an inflamed tongue. They were shocked when Stacey reported that she has eaten little else besides chicken nuggets since the age of two. McDonald’s are her favorite, but […]

Teen finishes sailing around the world

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The Associated Press has reported that 16-year-old Laura Dekker has just finished sailing around the world in her own sailboat the “Guppy”. The trip has taken Dekker one year to complete. Dekker stopped at various ports along the route to sleep, study and make repairs to her boat. She arrived home to St. Maarten on […]

Library sends police to 5-year-old to collect overdue books

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  CBS Boston is reporting that a Charlton mom is upset that the local library dispatched police to her home to remind her 5-year-old daughter to return her overdue books. Shannon Benoit said that the deputy stopped by and informed her and her daughter that the two books were several months overdue and needed to […]

McDonalds searches for new egg supplier after learning of animal cruelty

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McDonald’s has dropped the egg supplier for their McMuffins, Sparboe Egg Farms, as a result of seeing footage from an investigation of animal cruelty conducted there by  Mercy For Animals (MFA), a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals. McDonald’s issued statement a statement after viewing the footage, saying that they would no longer be accepting eggs from Sparboe Egg Farms […]

Teen in critical condition after accidental hanging in haunted house

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Creepyworld employee found hanging in prop nooseA 17-year old worker at a haunted house in the St. Louis area is in critical condition following what appears to be an unfortunate accident. The girl was found unconscious with a noose around her neck by another employee of the haunted house. The noose was used as a […]

List of hottest Halloween costumes is out

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The scariest day of the year – Halloween – is approaching fast and it’s time to decide what your little one is going to be for the big day. There are a lot of choices out there and, of course, your child can be anything he wants to be, which is what makes it fun. […]

Birth rates in America are dropping

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Recession has people rethinking the idea of bringing more children into the worldBirthrates have fallen in the United States by 10% since hitting their peak in 2007. In 2007, there were 4.3 million births in the U.S., but that number has dropped to 4 million births last year, according to estimates by the National Center for Health Statistics. The birth […]

Police shut down 12-year-old boy's smoothie stand

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According to Forbes, the Massachusetts State Police has been added to the long list of police agencies to shut down lemonade stands for not having the proper permits. In this case, Christopher Carr’s 12-year-old stepson was selling green tea and smoothies at the end of his street. Carr helped set up the stand and then […]

Cost of raising children rises to over $225,000

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, Expenditures on Children by Families, 2010   According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2010, the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 is $226,920. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released a report that compares the cost of raising a child in 2010 to the […]

Swedish Pre-school fights gender bias

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‘Him’ and ‘Her’ are banned, and staff call students ‘Friends’A Swedish pre-school has completely re-designed itself to fight gender bias. Staff at the ‘Egalia’ preschool call their students ‘friends’, and are to avoid using ‘him’ and ‘her’. Books and toys have been carefully selected, and colors and organization have been scrutinized. The staff have also invented a […]

Parents pay thousands to turn infant girls into boys

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Hundreds of Indian girls are having sex change operations, some as young as one year old.A shocking new trend has been revealed – Indian parents are paying thousands of dollars to change baby girls into much longed for baby boys. The procedure, called genitoplasty, is usually used to correct genital abnormalities in grown adults. The […]

'Yoda' crowned World's ugliest dog

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A dog called Yoda has won the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition. The chihuahua and Chinese Crested dog cross, aged 14. His owner found him abandoned behind an apartment, and said originally she thought the dog was an overgrown rat. Chihuahua’s and Chinese Crested dog’s win the title most often, with Yoda taking over from a […]

7-year-old drives car 20 miles to 'find Dad'

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A 7 year old boy stole his stepfathers car and managed to drive it 20 miles, apparantly looking for his dad. The boy, from Michigan, had to stand up to be able to control the pedals while he was driving, until he was pulled over by police, allegedly for driving at 70mph and veering into […]

Groom sets grade-1 listed wedding venue on fire

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A groom is reported to have set fire to a protected building he was supposed to be getting married in, after a dispute over the bill. The castle is the only medieval style castle in Britain, and is seen as a very prestigious location. Manchester United star Wes Brown married at the hotel, and it […]

Parent's pet ferret chews off their babies' fingers

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A four month old baby boy has lost seven of his fingers after his parent’s pet ferret chewed them off. Ryan R Waldo and Carrie R Waldo, 33 and 25, have both been charged with first degree child endangerment after it emerged that their son was home alone at the time. They have not responded […]

Sister of internet 'bucket list' star raises $48,687 for charity

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The sister of internet sweetheart Alice Pyne has raised $48,687, or £30,000, for charity. Milly Pyne, aged 12, had hoped to raise $1,622, or £1000, for Cancer Research. Donations started to pour in when Alice’s bucket list went viral, and the teen has managed to raise 30 times her original aim. Milly ran 5km for […]

FDA warns of record drug shortages

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The Food and Drug Administration warns that the number of drug shortages is at a record high and getting even worse. The agency cites shortages of raw materials, drugmakers discontinuing older, and off-patent drugs in favor of newer and more profitable ones, and large recalls due to quality problems as contributing factors to the problem. In 2010, […]

15 year old Lymphoma sufferer touches hearts with bucket list

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A 15 year old girl from Cumbria has become famous after creating a blog containing a ‘bucket list’. Alice Pyne suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and there is very little that doctors can do to prevent it from spreading further. As a result, Alice created a private blog to share with family and friends, so she […]

Long commutes lead to higher divorce rates

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A Swedish study has found that a 45 minute or longer commute to work also creates a 40 percent greater risk of divorce.  The researchers combed through data from more than 2 million Swedes between 1995 and 2005 (a period during which  the average trip to the office increased in Sweden by 17 percent from […]

Toddler finds burned body

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A St. Paul Minnesota toddler found a body in the alleyway behind his house this morning, at about 8:25 am. He was playing back there after he and his mother had brought his sisters to the bus stop. The boy, a 3-year-old, ran to his parents and  brought them to see. Kelly Stevens is a […]

Childhood Obesity hits Australia Hard

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The Australian parenting website, ‘Raising Children Network’, is claiming that health problems created by childhood obesity are so severe, that there are real concerns the current generation of parents  will outlive their children! 1.5 million Australian children are obese, making that 20%-25% of the nations minors. The proportion of overweight or obese children in Australian is increasing at an […]

UK moves to stop sexualisation of children

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David Cameron has called for an end to the “inappropriate desexualisation” of children here. The report into the sexualisation of youngsters living in the UK revealed some shocking products; including mini poles for pole dancing, padded bras, lingerie and revealing bikinis. It also mentioned ‘Playboy’ themed school accessories, and a furniture range which was named […]

Police: Stepfather beat daughter with fire poker

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A man in Burnsville, Minnesota found his underaged step daughter in bed with her 18-year-old boyfriend at 1am on Tuesday. His response was allegedly to retrieve the families Fire Poker, and beat them both with it as punishment. Cornelius Romelle Shaw, 42, was charged with malicious punishment of a child, a gross misdemeanor, according to a Dakota County criminal […]

Hundreds Evacuated in Face of Arizona Blaze

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  A forest fire is consuming eastern Arizona’s scenic mountain range, currently reaching 193,000 acres, or, 301 square miles, this fire is the states 3rd largest on record. With a reported zero percent containment, it is expected to continue growing. Around 2,300 fire fighters are working round-the-clock trying to make head-way against this massive blaze, […]

Teachers raise money through surfing dogs

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About 50 dogs have taken part in the Sixth Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition in California. The dogs were kitted out with Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses, and were judged on their confidence, style and the length of time they rode waves. The judging categories were split into dogs weighing over 40kg, and […]