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Facebook for children under 13 may be on the way

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Facebook is exploring ways to allow children under 13 to use the site. The policy against children under 13 is partly due to the fact that children that age need parental supervision before any information — particularly the kind that Facebook deals in — can be collected, and partly due to privy and safety concerns. […]

SOPA blackout: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and others

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Sites consider “nuclear option” in protest of internet legislationWith the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on the table for debate on January 24, some of the most well known websites, like Wikipedia, Ebay, Yahoo and more are considering a “nuclear option” or simultaneous blackout, to protest the legislation that many feel will destroy the Internet. SOPA, or  H.R. […]

Facebook suicide prevention: Users can report suicidal posts

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The social media giant uses social reporting to address suicideFacebook has rolled out a system for reporting suicidal posts on its social networking site, on Tuesday. Once the message is reported, Facebook will send an automated message to the author of the post, with a link to chat with a suicide prevention counselor and the number of […]

Study: Wi-Fi laptop radiation harmful to sperm, fertility

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A new study published in Fertility and Sterility suggests Wi-Fi is to blameFor those trying to conceive, a new report out of Argentina may get your attention. Wi-Fi from laptop computers may reduce sperm count. Researchers compared semen samples from 29 men in good health. Some of the samples were placed under a laptop with Wi-Fi, […]

Craigslist teen may have been threatened to silence

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The 16 year old charged in the Craigslist Killings may have been a victim of Rich Beasley as wellThe halls of Stow-Munroe Falls High School are no doubt abuzz with the news that classmate Brogan Rafferty is being accused of attempted murder, and the teen’s friends are speaking out. Brogan Rafferty, 16 has been charged with […]

Teen sexting ring busted in Vermont

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According to police, a group of nearly two dozen Vermont teenagers were involved in a sexting ring which circulated indecent photos and videos of female classmates. The Milton Independent, which first broke the story, reported that five boys admitted viewing nearly 40 images and three videos (many of which were sent by cell phone). Milton Police say two of the five […]

Teen hacker diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome

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The 19-year-old hacker arrested on suspicion of masterminding hacking group LulzSec and hacking into websites such as the UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency, the CIA and the US Senate. Ryan Cleary has been assessed by psychologists after his arrest, who has diagnosed the teen with Aspergers, a form of Autism. Aspergers is a condition whose […]

Boy kills 7 year old girl to feed game addiction

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A fifteen year old boy from Vietnam has admitted to killing a seven year old girl to fund his video game addiction. The teenager, Mong The Xuong, admitted to luring the seven year old girl, named as Anh Nhu, into woods on the north central coast of Vietnam, and beating her to death with a […]

Teen sells kidney for iPad 2

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A 17 year old Chinese teenager has reportedly sold his kidney to buy an Ipad 2. The boy, who is only known by the surname Zheng, got the idea from an advertisement he saw online, offering 20,000RMB for a kidney. The boy travelled to Chenzhou to have the procedure carried out at a hospital, who discharged him […]

Canadian police commission chairman arrested for having cyber-relationship with U.S. girl

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TABER, CANADA (BNO NEWS) — The chairman of a Canadian police commission was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly having a cyber-relationship with a young girl in the United States, authorities said. Curtis David Paradee, 42, has been charged with communicating via a computer with a person under 16 for the purpose of committing an offense, […]