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Boy can't eat real food or drink his normal formula

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Parents of a 3-year-old boy in Florida are starting to panic because their son can only drink a special prescription-only formula and they believe the ingredients in the formula have changed, causing their son to suffer from severe diaherra and vomitting. Michael Gonzalez suffers from Food Protein-Induced Entercolitis Syndrome.  While the syndrome is not uncommon […]

Breast-feeding moms stage "nurse-in" at Target stores

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  A Texas woman who claims she was harassed last month while breast-feeding her infant at a Target store in the Houston area received a huge show of support on Wednesday. In cities across the country, breast-feeding moms gathered for public “nurse-ins” to show their solidarity with the mom who feels she was unfairly “Targeted”.  YouTube […]

Parents starve baby, fear future obesity

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During hospital stay, doctors discover Wisconsin parents had starved their infant daughter.Appleton, Wis. parents Christopher and Mary Sultze found themselves charged with felony child neglect for allegedly intentionally keeping food from their infant daughter in an effort to keep her from becoming obese.   Each of the Sultzes was charged with one count of felony […]

Pregnant man may stop at 3 kids

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Pregnant man Thomas Beatie and wife Nancy have three kids and say they do not have plans to have moreThomas Beatie, the pregnant man who shot to fame after his bearded face and pregnant belly were pictured in media outlets across the country in 2007, now has three kids and appeared on the Oct. 31 […]

Hospitals nixing formula samples

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In a move to promote breastfeeding, hospitals across the nation are prohibiting the practice of doling out free formula samples to new moms at the end of their stay. In the past three years the trend has been on the rise, and the number of hospitals jumping on the band wagon has doubled, says a […]

Breast-feeding doll for little girls causes controversy

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Spanish toymaker Berjuan has developed a controversial new doll that allows little girls to pretend to breast-feed their “Babies. ” The doll comes with a special halter top for the pretend mother to wear which has daisies on flaps that cover the child’s nipples. The flaps  come undone easily, just like the flaps on a nursing bra would. […]

"Milk Truck" topped with giant breast to offer support for nursing moms

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Pittsburgh artist taking donations to fund the projectA CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh is reporting that a local artist/teacher is currently taking donations to fund her idea of creating a project she calls the “Milk Truck”. Jill Miller’s plan is to purchase an ice cream truck and build a giant breast on top that will be […]

Childhood Obesity hits Australia Hard

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The Australian parenting website, ‘Raising Children Network’, is claiming that health problems created by childhood obesity are so severe, that there are real concerns the current generation of parents  will outlive their children! 1.5 million Australian children are obese, making that 20%-25% of the nations minors. The proportion of overweight or obese children in Australian is increasing at an […]

Boys eat Denny's pancakes for 24 hours

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Seven boys from Trabuco Hills High School have marked memorial weekend in a very unique way – they’ve consumed pancakes for 24 hours straight. The boys arrived at Denny’s at 9am on Sunday, and ordered the ‘All You Can Eat’ deal for $4. They took a range of items to keep them entertained, including laptops […]

Breast-feeding moms in Dekalb, Illinois stage a protest

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A crowd consisting of about 40 moms, a few dads and a lot of babies and toddlers gathered at a sidewalk in downtown DeKalb, Illinois in a “Nurse-in” to protest a merchant. The merchant allegedly asked a breast-feeding mother to stop feeding her daughter in his shop. The incident took place Tuesday at the No Strings Attached resale store on […]

Baby food sales soar after Hollywood trend revealed

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Sales of baby food have rocketed 100% after it was rumoured that hit singer Lady Gaga uses it to stay in shape. The diet was initially designed by Tracey Anderson, a personal trainer, who is accredited with keeping Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston in shape. It involves eating one healthy main meal per day, […]

Unborn babies given diabetes drug to prevent obesity

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A trial to give obese pregnant women a diabetes drug to tackle obesity rates has been branded ‘disturbing’ by weight loss organizations. One hundred obese and pregnant patients at Liverpool Women’s hospital will be treated with Metformin, which will reduce food supply to the unborn child. The drug will not help the women themselves to lose […]

Breastfeeding May Prevent Behavioral Problems

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Children who are breastfed for at least four months develop less behavioral problems in later life. Oxford researchers carried out a study on the feeding habits of 10,037 mothers and their babies, asking the mothers to regularly assess their children for signs of anxiousness, clinginess, lying, stealing and restlessness, among other problems. The study found that only […]

Gender-based feticide still a problem in India

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Abortions were legalized in India in 1971 as a way to halt population from reaching immense proportions. However, due to social pressure and the cultural acceptance of valuing boys over girls, it quickly became a way to cull female fetuses in favor of carrying a boy. In 1991 it was found that for every 1,000 […]

Baby formula recalled for beetles

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On the bright side, it adds extra protein! Abbott Labs has issued a recall of almost 5 million cans of certain Similac brand baby formulas after an “internal quality review” detected the “remote possibility” the cans may contain beetles or beetle larvae, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and appetite loss due to GI tract irritation. The problem […]

Mom breast feeds wrong baby

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The Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire has apologized after admitting that their nurses gave a woman the wrong baby to breast feed. The baby’s father, who did not want to be identified, said he wants answers. The hospital told him and his wife that their baby was only given to the other woman for […]

Woman accused of breastfeeding while drunk

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A Durham, Connecticut woman has been charged by police of breastfeeding her baby while intoxicated, something that we didn’t even know was illegal. Police said Allanah Earley, 36, brought the baby to the Eagles Club on Stack Road Friday evening. They said while at the bar, Earley had seven drinks. They said she then wandered […]

Mom almost kills baby with diluted formula

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A mother trying to make ends meet almost killed her infant when she diluted his baby formula with water. “If I would have known it was harmful I would have never done it,” says 23 year-old mother, Jeri Moss. She couldn’t afford baby formula so she relied on the government to help feed her five […]

Mother kicked out of employment center for bottlefeeding

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Ladies, looks like a bottlefeeding sit in is in order. Who’s with us? No one? :crickets chirping: Samantha Corbridge, 24, was thrown out of the Jobcentre Plus office after being told she was breaking the ‘food and drink policy’ by giving her daughter a bottle of milk. The mother-of-two was left feeding Robyn, two, on […]

Breastfeeding advocate Edwina Froehlich dies

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Edwina Froehlich, one of the seven founders of La Leche League International has died at the age of 93. Edwina Froehlich was living in Franklin Park in 1956 when she and six friends began talking about ways to promote natural childbirth and breast feeding. Her own inspiration was watching the childbirth experiences of her older […]

Gene responsible for higher IQ in breastfed babies

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Research in Canada seems to prove the long asserted notion that breastfed infants have higher IQs — but only for those with certain genetics. Scientists have identified a specific gene implicated in the link between breastfeeding and higher IQ in children, suggesting that biology — and not just socio-economics — is involved. A study published […]

Enriched formula may increase IQ in preemies

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Well this ought to make for some interesting fodder on the feeding choices debate boards. Researchers in London found that premature infants that were fed enriched formula consistently outperformed other preemies on IQ tests. The other infants were fed either regular formula, “bank” breast milk, or a mix of the breast milk and formula. Their […]

Woman tries to sell her breastmilk in a classified ad

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Scarily enough, in the state of Iowa, it is not illegal to sell your breastmilk to the highest bidder. Would you feel comfortable having your baby drink somebody elses bodily fluids? Before anybody brings up the wet nurse argument, consider how disease is spread — through bodily fluids! It’s just not right… Next, breastmilk will […]

Fortified infant formula may become closer to breastmilk

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While infant formula will never replicate breastmilk, Martek has released new studies that suggest that certain fortifications will reduce infections in formula fed babies: 22/10/2007 – Inclusion of prebiotic fibres in infant formula may cut the recurrence of infection during the first six-months of life by about 10 per cent, suggests new research. Healthy term […]

Medical exam mom awarded extra time for breastfeeding "disability"

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I’m gonna start calling breastfeeding a “disability” since some lactating women feel they deserve special concessions. I think formula feeding moms should be given extra time to take board tests too. What if the formula fed baby feels slighted and emotionally damaged from someone else giving them a bottle? It just isn’t right. The injustice […]