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Hard-boiled virgin boy eggs for breakfast?

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Its springtime and a yearly tradition has begun in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang, “virgin boy eggs”. The pungent aroma of these local delicacies permeate the air as local merchants began the long process of cooking them, in urine. Not just any urine will do, it must be the urine of virgin boys. At […]

Study: Canned foods cause elevated BPA levels

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Harvard School of Public Health study recommends cutting down on the amount of canned food you eatDaily canned food consumption can cause soaring levels of the compound bisphenol A (BPA) in the body, according to a recent study. Seventy-five participants, with a median age of 27, were asked to eat soup for lunch. Researchers instructed one […]

Placentas: Stem cell research, spaghetti or lasagna

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The choice is yoursIn the medical world, the human placenta is the connection between a fetus and its mother, removing waste and delivering oxygen, nutrients and everything else a fetus needs to grow strong and prepare for its big entrance into the world. Depending on beliefs and cultures, the human placenta can be utilized many […]

Childhood Obesity hits Australia Hard

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The Australian parenting website, ‘Raising Children Network’, is claiming that health problems created by childhood obesity are so severe, that there are real concerns the current generation of parents  will outlive their children! 1.5 million Australian children are obese, making that 20%-25% of the nations minors. The proportion of overweight or obese children in Australian is increasing at an […]

Boys eat Denny's pancakes for 24 hours

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Seven boys from Trabuco Hills High School have marked memorial weekend in a very unique way – they’ve consumed pancakes for 24 hours straight. The boys arrived at Denny’s at 9am on Sunday, and ordered the ‘All You Can Eat’ deal for $4. They took a range of items to keep them entertained, including laptops […]

Unborn babies given diabetes drug to prevent obesity

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A trial to give obese pregnant women a diabetes drug to tackle obesity rates has been branded ‘disturbing’ by weight loss organizations. One hundred obese and pregnant patients at Liverpool Women’s hospital will be treated with Metformin, which will reduce food supply to the unborn child. The drug will not help the women themselves to lose […]