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School calls boy’s ‘My Little Pony’ backpack a ‘bully trigger’

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A 9-year-old North Carolina boy and his mother are speaking out on Wednesday after his elementary school suggested he refrain from carrying a “My Little Pony” backpack to school because he keeps getting bullied. WKRN reported on Wednesday that the youngster, who is a huge fan of the cartoon show “My Little Pony” and its […]

High school students join forces to stop bullying of special needs classmate

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A special needs high school student at David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon, had classmates come to her aid when a few fellow students put their foot down and reported the bully to the school. The victim, who classmates say is highly sensitive to sounds and is likely Autistic, was harassed by a bully outside her home. The bully then posted a […]

Bailey O'Neill: Bullying victim, 12, dies after he was jumped

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Twelve-year-old Bailey O’Neill, a boy who as allegedly jumped by two bullies last month, died after the assault allegedly caused him fatal injuries. O’Neill, who turned 12 on Saturday, was put in a medical coma after two classmates jumped him and reportedly beat him during recess. O’Neill suffered a concussion, seizures and a broken nose […]

First grader in hospital after students beat her up

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A 6-year-old Blacklick, Ohio, girl spent a day in the hospital after a group of kids jumped her on a school bus and starting beating the youngster for a perceived slight. The first grade victim’s mother, Tracy Kane, told 10 TV News her daughter came home and said, “‘I was on the bus this morning, […]

11-year-old boy in coma after bully attack

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Sixth grader Bailey O’Neill, 11, is in a medically induced coma after being hit in the face repeatedly during a fight at school. Bailey attends Darby Township School and was attacked about four weeks ago.  One of the kids hit Bailey in the face several times, fracturing his nose.  The kids also knocked Bailey down, […]

Amanda Todd, 15, dead after relentless bullying by peers and an Internet predator

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Amanda Todd, 15,  was a Canada high school student who took her own life last Wednesday after she made a huge mistake and couldn’t live with the bullying aftermath. Todd made a mistake she couldn’t live down. Todd was fooling around with her girlfriends on a webcam and filmed herself with her shirt off. A […]

Mom of disabled girl seeks restraining order against father and son bullies

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A Stark County, Ohio, woman is seeking out a restraining order after she’s witnessed a father and son team making fun of her 10-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy on their way to the school bus. The disabled girl’s mother, Trisha Knight, says she’s furious over the grown man’s behavior and the lessons he’s teaching his young […]

Teen elected homecoming representative as joke gets last laugh

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For Whitney Kropp, 15, from West Branch Michigan, getting elected to Homecoming court this year at Ogemaw Heights High School was the thrill of her lifetime, that is until she discovered the nomination was a mean spirited joke put on by classmates intent on bullying her. Lucky for Kropp however, was a young man who […]

14-year-old bullied about looks, gets plastic surgery

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14-year-old Nadia Iles won free plastic surgery from a site designed to help children with facial deformities after being bullied about her appearance. Iles appeared on Good Morning America to talk about her decision. She says she was bullied about her ears since the age of 7, and became so depressed by the constant taunts […]

Cyberbullying may be less common than previously thought

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New studies presented Thursday report that cyberbullying may be less common than previously thought. Ian Rivers, a professor of human development at Brunel University in London, and other researchers presented their studies at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting on Thursday. Though cyberbullying has been heavily studied since the early 2000s, Rivers states that, “the one […]

Girl bullied over her weight kills herself — coroner blames media

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Fiona Geraghty, a 14-year-old British student at King’s College in Taunton, hung herself in her family’s home in July of last year following what her parents say was bullying about her weight from schoolmates. Fiona had been struggling with bulimia before her death. At an inquest regarding her death, the coroner, Michael Rose, blamed images […]

Mom chokes boy, 14, over cruel comments he made about daughter on Facebook

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A St. Petersburg, Florida, mother allegedly choked a 14-year-old boy at the Tyrone Square Mall over nasty comments he made about her daughter on Facebook. Debbie Piscitella, a mother of three, was allegedly caught on store camera grabbing the boy’s backpack and choking him, leaving red marks on his neck. Debbie was at the mall […]

Girl fought bullies, now called one by school

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Stormy Rich, 18, had enough credits that she did not need to attend first period at Umatilla High School in Umatilla, Florida. Since she did not need to go to school early, she rode on a middle school bus later in the morning. While riding on the bus, she reportedly witnessed a number of female […]

7-year-old boy hangs himself after being bullied

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A 7-year-old boy in Detroit was found dead after hanging himself with a belt from his bunk bed. He was found by his 14-year-old sister. The girl got her mother, who then removed the door knob from the bedroom door to get in, and held her son in the air while a neighbor removed the […]

Dodgeball game turns violent for Oklahoma boy

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Authorities continue to investigate fight that left 14-year-old unconsciousA 14-year-old boy is recovering from broken cheekbones, severe cuts and possible internal injuries after fighting with a classmate during a recess dodgeball game. Preston Hodge was reportedly left unconscious from the injuries and underwent surgery at a local hospital before being released yesterday. Police are investigating […]

Gay Illinois State University college student severely beaten

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Eric Unger, a student at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, was walking alone last Saturday near his college campus when he claims he was blindsided by a group of men who brutally beat him. Unger, who is preparing for his last few weeks before graduation, says he was knocked unconscious and left with serious […]

Autistic boy bullied by teachers caught on tape, called a "bastard"

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  A Cherry Hill, New Jersey father suspected something wasn’t quite right at his autistic son’s school.  What he uncovered has started an Internet campaign to stop abusive teachers from bullying students. On Friday, Stuart Chaifetz posted a video on YouTube in which he said that he was shocked when he was told by school officials his […]

Teen bullies 13-year-old by lighting him on fire

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A Missouri teen has been charged with first degree assault after he poured gasoline on a 13-year-old boy and lit him on fire. On April 15, Joseph Gardner, 17, allegedly threatened the victim that if he didn’t go along with the violent act that he would pummel him to death and kill his family. According […]

Kentucky middle schoolers use social media to combat bullying

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Middle school students at a Covington, Kentucky school are using the power of the Internet to combat it’s use to spread hate and meanness among fellow students. A teacher at Woodland Middle School, Jason Bowman, came up with the idea after observing how students love to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and how […]

Long-term depression common in bullying victims

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What has long been suspected has been given official credence. Experts at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law agreed that children who suffer bullying – whether at school or on the Internet – are more prone to long spells of depression and suicidal thoughts.  Dysthymia, or long-term depression (LTD), is characterized […]

Special needs New Jersey teen bullied by teacher

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When Julio Artuz complained of being bullied, nobody, not even his parents believed him. Why? His bully was his teacher. Julio is a 15 year old special needs student enrolled in Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, New Jersey, where he claimed his teacher was insulting and bullying him on a regular basis. Finding no […]

6-year-old boy accused of molestation is allegedly tortured by his accusers

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A young Wisconsin boy, age 6, was accused by one of the boy’s playmate’s mothers of sexually assaulting her daughter by sticking his finger in her anus. The little girl denied that the boy had done that, but the mother reportedly moved forward with her relentless plight to have the boy prosecuted for rape. The […]

Honor roll student commits suicide after being bullied at school

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Ashlynn Conner, 10, a cheerleader and honor roll student hangs herself to stop bullyingPeer pressure and school bullies are just two of the many issues that face our young children in school these days. Peer pressure alone can make our children do things they wouldn’t normally do. Couple that with the peer pressure coming from […]

Ohio teacher caught bullying special needs student

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After being told repeatedly his 14-year-old special needs daughter was lying about being bullied by her teachers, her father, Brian (whose last name was withheld), outfitted his daughter with a hidden microphone to record the verbal abuse. He was shocked to hear her teacher, Christie Wilt, and the teacher’s aide, Kelly Chaffins, making offensive comments […]

Florida teen girl cut on school bus ride home

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A bus ride home in Orange County, Florida from Evans High school resulted in a 14 year old girl being cut in the face and arm. After getting in a confrontation and brutal fight with another female student from the school. “Two girls were fighting on the bus, then the girl start cutting her with […]