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Khaleesi from ‘Game of Thrones’ gains in baby name popularity

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In 2012, 146 girls in the U.S. were named Khaleesi, the name of one of the protagonists from the hit HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” The heroine, who gave birth to two dragons after marrying a Dothraki leader in “Game of Thrones” first season is the subject of one of the show’s most intriguing story […]

Craziest baby name trends of 2012

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The social security administration released their list of most popular baby names of 2012 on Thursday, which included a long list of some bizarre, presumptuous and pop culture references in wide array of traditional names and emerging baby trend names. Most notable were the names given the honor of “fasted rising baby names” in 2012. The […]

Body of newborn found in pile of laundry at Minn. hospital

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The body of a newborn infant was allegedly discovered by a Minn. laundry service, who claimed the body fell out of a bed sheet on Tuesday morning as they prepared a load of laundry. The laundry service says they informed the hospital, who immediately sent medical personnel to retrieve the body. St. Paul police were called after […]

Man Slaps Baby Crying on Plane

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There is no doubt that when you are traveling with an infant, or even a toddler for that matter, they will get fussy, and they will cry. It’s in their nature. Especially so when you are traveling on an aircraft with your child. What with all those changes in altitudes and such. A 19 month […]

Baby formula is "like AIDS"

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Expectant parents attending a breastfeeding education class were subjected to some shocking commentary by one of the class counselors. The mommy wars reached a new low point when the acclaimed speaker told the couples that baby formula is “like AIDS.” “Formula is a little bit like AIDS,” the leading counselor told the group of soon-to-be […]

9 oz baby is fourth smallest born in the world

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North Carolina baby defies the oddsBaby Kenna Moore was born on July 9th weighing just 9 ounces, when her mother was approximately 23 weeks pregnant. “Doctors are a lot of times bound by what they’ve seen and bound by science. And you know science says a lot of this isn’t possible,” said her mother, Nicki. […]

The changing face of America's population

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Minorities now comprise greater than 50% of all babies born in the US, according to an article in the Washington Post from May 18, 2012. This growing minority population has come about due to massive immigration, especially from Latin America and Asia. Without this immigration, America’s population would resemble that of aging, stagnant Japan. Unlike […]

Reported Nonuplets a farce

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Reports of a woman expecting nonuplets in Northern Mexico are false. Late last week Mexican broadcaster Televisa and several top newspapers ran an article on Karla Perez, after she provided supposed evidence to to welfare officials with evidence of multiple pregnancy. Spokesman for the health ministry of Coahuila state claim that they were provided with […]

Mexican woman pregnant with nonuplets

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UPDATE: This story has since been reported as a hoax A woman in Mexico woman is pregnant with nine babies. Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas is due to give birth on May 20. Perez has had fertility treatments, which led to the the multiple pregnancy. The country’s main […]

Futuristic car seat creates 'force field' around baby

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High tech baby seat envelopes baby in life-saving podA new car seat made of Kevlar, the same material used to make body armor, has been introduced by a British company in what feels like an infant seat fit for the Starship Enterprise. The rear facing seat is fireproof, bulletproof and contains a miniature airbag. It […]

Abandoned baby discovered in NYC apartment lobby

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NYPD continues search for infant’s mother, who could face child endangerment chargesNew York resident Chen Ling got an unlikely surprise when she took out her trash Saturday afternoon. On her way to the garbage drop, Ling discovered an abandoned baby boy lying in the lobby of her Brooklyn apartment. The infant, estimated to be between […]

Baby born at almost 14 pounds

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  The North County Times reports Cynthia Sigler of Southern California expressed surprise at the size of her newborn son when he was delivered via cesarean section last week. The baby weighed in at 13 pounds, 14 ounces. Doctors previously estimated the boy’s weight at around 11 pounds, but he easily topped that by the […]

SwaddleDesigns launches Angry Bird baby clothing line

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Parents who are fans of the popular game “Angry Birds” have something to get excited about! SwaddleDesigns, a Seattle based company run by husband and wife team, Jeff and Lynette Damir are debuting their Angry Birds baby clothes this month. SwaddleDesigns was the first to grab the popular games very first “baby-product license” last year. […]

World's third smallest baby survives

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Melinda Guido was just 9.5 oz when she was born – 15 weeks premature – on the 30th of August last year. Doctors at the time said she was so small, ‘she could fit in the palm of her dad’s hand’. She was delivered by emergency Caesarean section after her mother, Haydee Ibarra, developed severe […]

Researchers discover cause of epilepsy in infants

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Australian researchers at the University of Melbourne and Florey Neurosciences Institute, along with researchers at the University of South Australia, have discovered the gene that causes epilepsy in infants. So far, researchers were clueless as to the cause of infantile seizures; known as Benign familial infantile epilepsy (BFIE), the disorder occurs in previously healthy infants, […]

Teen Mom Leah Messer pregnant again

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Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.  From the onset of the second season of 16 and Pregnant, most of the controversial show’s loyal watchers knew that Leah Messer’s story would continue to be played out if a second season of Teen Mom were created. And it […]

Breast-feeding moms stage "nurse-in" at Target stores

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  A Texas woman who claims she was harassed last month while breast-feeding her infant at a Target store in the Houston area received a huge show of support on Wednesday. In cities across the country, breast-feeding moms gathered for public “nurse-ins” to show their solidarity with the mom who feels she was unfairly “Targeted”.  YouTube […]

Dangers of crying it out, lifetime of harm

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Study by professor Darcia Narvaez of Notre Dame says the method is akin to neglectIt seems that ‘Crying it Out’ is dangerous after all. The controversial method used by some parents to teach their children independence and self-soothing can actually cause long-term problems such as anxiety, relationship problems and damage to intellect, according to a study published by Psychology Today. “We […]

Babies can judge who is reliable and who is not

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  A new study published in “Infant Behavior and Development” has found that babies just over a year old can perceive which adults are trustworthy enough to listen to. The study’s lead author, Diane Poulin-Dubois, a professor of psychology at the Centre for Research in Human Development at the University of Concordia, said “Even at a young […]

Khloe Kardashian-Odom to try In-Vitro

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After two years of trying to conceive naturally, reports say the Odoms are turning to science for a babyThe entire Kardashian family has had an interesting year, from Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kourtney’s announcement at the beginning of December that she was expecting a little brother or sister for little Mason, but younger sister Khloe […]

The devil wears Prada

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Babies adorned in designer gearPaving the way for us average folk, celebrities have set the trend of dolling up newborns in pricey designer clothes and costly, but seemingly must-have accessories. These little bundles of joy mean big business for top retailers and big bucks for new mothers and their families. Kate Winslet proves that her […]

Selena Gomez expecting a baby…sibling

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The pop singer uses Twitter to break the baby newsOn the heels of the baby drama with the Justin Bieber paternity suit, Selena Gomez took the time to share some baby news of her own. The teen singer is not pregnant, but her mother is. On her twitter account, she writes: “Momma and Brian are finally letting […]

Parents starve baby, fear future obesity

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During hospital stay, doctors discover Wisconsin parents had starved their infant daughter.Appleton, Wis. parents Christopher and Mary Sultze found themselves charged with felony child neglect for allegedly intentionally keeping food from their infant daughter in an effort to keep her from becoming obese.   Each of the Sultzes was charged with one count of felony […]

Harmful chemicals in Johnson's Baby Shampoo's

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is the name most moms trust to gently and safely clean their babies. That shouldn’t be the case, according to an international coalition of healthcare and environmentalists that are calling on the company to remove 2 harmful, cancer causing chemicals from the shampoo. The Associated Press says there are safer […]

Pregnant man may stop at 3 kids

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Pregnant man Thomas Beatie and wife Nancy have three kids and say they do not have plans to have moreThomas Beatie, the pregnant man who shot to fame after his bearded face and pregnant belly were pictured in media outlets across the country in 2007, now has three kids and appeared on the Oct. 31 […]