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Jessica is one of the co-creators of Imperfect Parent and contributor to the book anthology "The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World". Jessica is a mother of two boys, and is very tired.

Father shoots, kills teen who was allegedly fooling around with daughter

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A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in Houston on Thursday after he caught the teen in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom. According to Your Houston News, the teen was found around 2 AM, hiding underneath his teenage daughter’s bed. The girl’s father reportedly entered the girl’s room upon hearing noises. Police are still investigating but […]

Boy finds loaded gun in movie theater bathroom

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A 9-year-old boy found a loaded Glock 26  9-mm handgun inside a bathroom stall on Sunday, prompting the boy to tell his dad and alert authorities. Zane Noland was at a theater in Tampa, Florida, to see a movie with his dad on Father’s Day when Zane found the gun. Zane immediately notified his father, […]

NYC couple expecting baby boy after nanny kills two of their children

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The parents of slain NYC children Lulu Krim, 6-years-old, and Leo Krim, 2-year-old, announced on Thursday that they are expecting a baby boy after two of their children perished when they were stabbed to death by the children’s Nanny in October 2012. Nanny Yoselyn Ortega, 50, admitted to stabbing the children, before she made a […]

13-month-old Antonio Santiago shot in head, suspect's family members arrested

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The  mother and aunt of the 17-year-old Georgia teen accused of shooting 13-month-old Antonio Santiago while he slept in his stroller, have been arrested in connection with the case, with police accusing them of lying. Police say that De’Marquise Elkins, the teen who reportedly pushed a mother aside and shot her baby point blank when […]

Kate Gosselin accused of bullying those she calls bullies

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Kate Gosselin found herself in the crosshairs of a hacking scandal late last week after she corresponded via Twitter with some self-described hackers and thanked them for what appeared to be efforts to expose the identities of some Twitter users she reportedly called out as bullies. Kate has previously spoken out about bullying on a […]

Hacker allegedly turns on Kate Gosselin, accuses Kate of conspiracy

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After the surprising public display of comradery between Kate Gosselin and some self described hackers last week on Kate’s Twitter timeline, hackers who threatened to publish personal information and expose anybody who criticized Kate Gosselin continued to escalate the drama and make some pretty serious accusations towards Kate. On Sunday, one of the hackers, who […]

The New Yorker puts Dr. Oz's credibility under a microscope

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The New Yorker magazine took a critical look at Dr. Oz, the celebrity surgeon who touts alternative medicine along with conventional, in their February issue which hit newsstands on Monday. Dr. Oz, the calming heart surgeon and host of “The Dr. Oz Show”, has been touted by many celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, who produces […]

Ohio teacher sues district, cites intense fear of children

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An Ohio school teacher who claims to be stricken with a pedophobia, an intense fear of young children, is suing the school district because she claims her disorder led to her forced resignation. Maria C. Waltherr-Willard, 61, had been a teacher for 35 years at the Mariemont School District in Marimont, Ohio, formerly teaching Spanish […]

Father brings infant to strip club, forgets baby

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A Daytona Beach, Fla. man was arrested on New Years eve after he forgot he forgot his 2-month-old infant at a strip club he was patronizing. Kenneth Rowe, Jr., 26, was arrested after he left the infant in the arms of a store clerk whom he asked to hold the baby while he went outside […]

Russia: U.S. adoption ban finalized

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Russia has completed its final vote on December 26 on  a bill that would prevent Americans from adopting Russian children. The final bill passed the State Duma in a resounding 420-7 vote today. Before the ban was enacted, U.S. adoptions accounted for about 1,000 Russian adoptions from Russian orphanages annually. The measure stems from several […]

Megan Fox wanted natural childbirth, opted for epidural

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Megan Fox wanted a natural birth but couldn’t take the pain. Fox told Access Hollywood during a press junket on on Tuesday that she wanted to be strong and brave through her contractions, but says they were just too intense, so she caved. “It hurts so bad. It was so intense,” Fox, 26, explained on her […]

Jessica Simpson: Pregnant with second baby

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Us Magazine confirmed on Wednesday that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. It’s been only seven months since Simpson gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, who was born a whopping 9 lbs., 13 oz and 21 3/4 long. Simpson has been engaged to Eric Johnson, a former NFL 49ers and Saints player for over […]

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, modeling for Guess

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Dannielynn Birkhead, 6, is following in her mother’s footsteps, modeling for Guess in an upcoming kid’s clothing line promotion. Guess is where Dannielynn’s mother, Anna Nicole Smith, got her career started in professional modeling. Danielynn’s father, Larry Birkhead gained custody of Dannielynn in 2007, approximately two months after her mother died in hotel in Hollywood, Florida, […]

Single Chicago mom has $105,000 in parking tickets

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An unemployed, single mother living in Chicago says the city of Chicago is trying to go after her for parking tickets totaling over $105,000. CBS Chicago reported on Monday that Jennifer Fitzgerald retained an attorney to take her case pro bono after a car racked up tickets which was erroneously registered in her name. Fitzgerald claims that […]

Teen missing, parents dead after trying to save dog from undercurrent

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A California couple and a 16-year-old son became victims of ten foot waves and strong undercurrents on Saturday afternoon after the teen went into the ocean to try to save his dog, a decision that resulted in tragedy. The boy, believed to be the couple’s son, went into the ocean after his dog started swimming […]

Attachment parenting advocate Mayim Bialik to divorce

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Mayim Bialik, 36, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory” (and former star of “Blossom”) has announced she is divorcing her husband of nine years, Michael Stone. Outside of acting, Mayim is mostly known for her attachment parenting advocacy. Mayim and Michael have two boys together  ages 7 and 4, whom she says […]

Hostess Twinkies, RIP

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Hostess Brands, Inc., the largest wholesale baker in the U.S., has announced on Friday that they are shuttering their bakery business. The producers and distributors of such iconic baked goods such as Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Ding-Dongs, Zingers and cupcakes announced they will be auctioning off their various brands after they refused to meet the demands of […]

'Moms Gone Wild': Tori Spelling's inebriated 'debauchery'

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Tori Spelling took to her blog “ediTORIal” on Thursday to reveal her drunken antics at a friends wedding last weekend. Spelling, 39, explained on her blog that she and husband Dean McDermott, 46, decided to take her friend’s wedding as an opportunity to take a romantic, adults-only weekend getaway. Tori didn’t expect, however, that the […]

Children take to Facebook in viral plea for a pet cat

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Two young Newton, Massachusetts, children took to their mother’s Facebook page to make a case to their dad for a pet cat. Apparently the children’s father, Dan Urbano, told his kids if they could get 1,000 Facebook ‘likes’ on a message or photo about their request for Urbano to get them a cat, he would get […]

'Sesame Street': Elmo's voice over accused of relationship with teen boy

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The Sesame Street puppeteer behind Elmo, who handles the beloved children’s Muppet character Elmo’s and acts as its voice, has taken a leave of absence after being accused of having a sexual relations with an underage male teen. The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday that Kevin Clash, 52 — the man behind Elmo’s voice and character actions was accused of sexual […]

9-year-old tackle football player is beast (video)

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Girl POWER! This 9-year-old girl is a tackle football legend and bad ass. Hats off to her!

Chicago woman in labor stops to vote

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A 21-year-old Chicago, Illinois, woman decided she was going let labor pains get in thte way of her desire to vote on Tuesday. At around 3 am Tuesday morning, Galicai Malone started feeling contractions. Malone was determined however, to have the baby wait until  her local polling station was open so that she could cast […]

Illinois: Babysitter charged with killing two young children

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A Naperville, Illinois woman has been charged on Thursday with first degree murder after she admitted to stabbing to death her 8-year-old son and a 5-year-old girl she was babysitting on Tuesday. Elzbieta Plackowska, 40, was babysitting Oliva Dworakowski, who was a kindergartner at Brookdale Elementary and while also caring for her young son, Justin, who attended Scott […]

Husband sues wife for giving birth to 'ugly' baby

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A Chinese man who married an attractive woman in hopes of producing attractive offspring, sued his wife after their first child was born. The man claims the baby failed to meet his ‘good looks’ expectations. Jian Feng of China, took his wife to court, claiming she must have cheated on him to product such an […]

Hurricane Sandy: Three victims so far were children

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The ‘perfect storm’ which struck the eastern seaboard of the United States on Monday, known as “Hurricane Sandy” has sadly resulted in many fatalities, some of them being children. According to Fox News, the tallies of deaths so far are spread among five state: New York, five. New Jersey, three. Pennsylvania, three. Connecticut, two and […]