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Polish priest warns: ‘Legos can destroy children’s souls’

Polish Priest thinks Lego people are tools of satan. Photo via Santiago Cornejo.
Polish priest thinks Lego people are tools of satan. Photo via Santiago Cornejo.

Plastic Lego construction toys might seem like an innocent, classic children’s toy, but apparently there are some who find the mini toy bricks sinister and immoral, according to The Telegraph on Tuesday.

For one Polish priest, Father Slawomir Kostrzewa, parents ought to be skeptical of Legos because he believes some Lego toy figurines represent a “world of death”, and goes as far as to say that the toys can influence children “and lead them to the dark side.”

Father Kostrzewa¬†explained, “Friendly fellows have been replaced by dark monsters. There toys can have a negative effect on children.”

Father Kostrzewa¬†criticized some of the new figurines as having angry faces, with the villain characters even sporting smirks. He believe this leads children towards violence.¬†Kostrzewa claimed his admonishment was backed up by research conducted by New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, which found the Lego figurines expressions to be angrier now than they were years ago.

Kostrzewa is especially critical of the Lego’s Monster Fighters series which include zombies and vampires.

Not only is Kostrzewa down on Legos, in the past, he’s also accused Hello Kitty and My Little Pony toys of being satanic tools as well.