Oregon father calls police to report abusive house cat

Himilayan hellion terrorizes family, family call police. Photo via Shaun Clark.
Himilayan hellion terrorizes family. Photo via Shaun Clark.

When cats attack!

An Oregon family claims they were terrorized by their family’s 22 lb. cat on Monday, forcing them to imprison themselves in their bedroom in order to protect their 7-month-old baby.

The infant’s father told police that the cat scratched the baby in the face so he kicked the cat on the back to push it away and that’s when the kitty got very catty. The black and white Himalayan was none too pleased and reportedly became overly aggressive and mad. The father, his wife, the baby and their dog then sought safety behind closed doors, inside their bedroom while the father called 911.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson said that father told the 911 operator that the cat had a history of violence.

According to to Reuters, the cat was reportedly blocking the doorway and making scary animal noises.

Police rescued the family after they gave police permission to enter their home and apprehend the hostage taker. Police were able to catch the cat after they saw it trying to escape on top of the refrigerator. Police then put the cat in a cat carrier and gave the alleged suspect back to its family. The family has not said whether or not the cat was released on its own recognizance.